Vh1 The Pickup Artist 2 Final Episode Review


I’ll give it to Matt and Simeon.? In this final episode both of them showed dramatic change, and quite frankly both of them performed better than any of the previous season’s contestants.

I will agree with Mystery’s choice in making Simeon this year’s Pickup Artist.? Simeon has been in the zone the last few episodes and is more and more fun to watch each week. Simeon is also a testament to the power of confidence and its ability to drastically improve your game.? You could just tell that Simeon had the mindset that he was truly unstoppable.? And when you have that mindset… you are unstoppable.

the pickup artist TWOThe other positive aspect I noticed about Simeon’s game was his ability to read the situation.? He seems to have “the Pickup Mindset” a real understanding of what is going on in the field. His solid of demonstration in the field, and handling obstacles can be traced back to his low pressure practice.Because he never let himself go into crisis mode… he was consistently able to read the situation and calibrate accordingly.

Matt’s game was also fun to watch.? But with Matt I never got that sensation that he had “it.” I do think, however, that if Matt continues to study pick up he will be quite good himself.? The move he pulled in the final field test with the hot Asian girl was classic.? “I just have to kiss you.”

Tonight’s episode served to remind me the power of displaying higher value. Once you’ve adequately established that you are a high value male… it is okay to show vulnerability, compliment a girl, or telegraph interest. This is something that has personally screwed up many of my pickups, in the fact that I’ve hesitated letting my guard down… and ultimately lost girls who took my “telegraphed indifference” as disinterest. I wrote a post about the necessity to calibrate your pickups a couple weeks ago.

Ah… its episodes like this that get the juices flowing.. and get me itching to be single again.

Vh1 Pickup Artist Thoughts

The last two episodes were the only episodes I enjoyed watching.? I don’t know if I’m alone, but I feel likeEliminated this show might have run its course unless that make drastic changes next season.? While it is fun to watch the guys as they get more successful, I think the show loses viewers early on when there isn’t too much action.

I still believe that the show might make a good run if done in a Keys to the VIP type format. I’m just not feeling another season of lovable losers.? While I think the show would be boring if it was 8 weeks of guys with solid game consistently pulling girls, I also feel like another season of Mystery teaching opinion openers, and peacocking the guys out, will also get old.

My gut feeling says the show doesn’t come back for a third season.

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