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The Complete Fat Loss Supplement Guide: Thyroid Regulating Supplements

Pecs and AbsThis is our third article in our series on fat loss supplements. Our first article covered Thermogenic supplements and our second article covered non stimulant fat burners. In this article we are going to talk about Thyroid regulating supplements.

Thyroid Regulating Fat Loss Supplements

A healthy thyroid gland is vital to maintaining a normal metabolism and preventing the accumulation of extra body fat. If your thyroid gland is not operating normally, your metabolism will be drastically slowed, which will cause your body to burn far fewer calories than you normally would, and make you feel tired and sluggish. Furthermore, an inactive thyroid gland will cause water retention, leading to cellulite and excess weight gain.

The goal of thyroid regulating supplements is to kick start the metabolism via the thyroid gland. The most common ingredients found in these type of fat loss supplements is guggul and forskolin. These supplements actually act as a sort of replacement for what the thyroid would produce.

Guggul products are derived from the gum resin of the small, thorny mukul tree (Commiphora mukul) of India’s semi-arid plains. Guggul increases the production of thyroid hormones, which lower the levels of serum lipids. Guggul increases T3 (tryiidothyronine) levels in animals; T3 is the conversion end product of T4, which comes from the thyroid. Increasing the thyroid levels causes more fat to be burned and decreasing the levels increase the likelihood of fat being stored.

Forskolin is a vasodilator, that is when blood vessels in the body become wider following the relaxation of the smooth muscle in the vessel wall. The job of this ingredient is basically to make sure the hormones are working properly.

Popular Thyroid Regulating Supplements

I am not a personal trainer or nutritionist, nor have I ever used a thyroid regulating supplement. In my quest to put together a complete list of fat loss supplements I actually discovered these products for the first time. Unlike the thermogenics and non stimulants which I have used before, I can not vouge for the safety or effectiveness of these products. I will however list the most popular ones that I’ve come across while doing my research.

Syntax Guggulbolic Extreme: Guggulbolic Extreme combines 30mg of pure E & Z Guggulsterones along with a special, dark brown guggul extract which is standardized for an ultra-potent 6% total guggulsteroids and which conforms to all Ayurvedic standards.

Below are the ingredients:

  • Guggul EZ100TM 30mg
  • Guggul Resin Extract 500mg
  • (standardized for 30mg total guggulsteroids)
  • Universal Animal Cuts 3: Animal Cuts is known as a thermogenic and a thyroid supporter due to its massive ingredients list. These basic ingredients make up the classic E/C/A stack that most people find effective (up to 95% of all fat burners are based on this model). But the fact is, the E/C/A stack may not work well for everyone.

    The products contains too many ingredients to list… if you’re interested click here to see the label.

    These formulas appear to be for guys who aren’t seeing results from standard exercise and healthy diet. I haven’t found any negative side effects listed for Thyroid regulators but that doesn’t mean there aren’t any. I will say that they sell well on which is a pretty reputable and biggest online supplement retailer.

    Of course supplements are only valuable if you have a solid work out routine to follow on a daily basis.

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