Daytime Dating in New York: The Approach

In Part 1 of this series, I talked about the preparation work you need to do before you can successfully meet beautiful women during the daytime. In this article, I’ll talk about how to actually approach a woman in the daytime and go on a date with her.

Love me foreverI’ve been working on my dating skills for years, but when I met Alison in New York on a Monday afternoon, suddenly everything I had learned converged in spectacular fashion. She is a truly beautiful girl; the kind that always has a string of guys chasing her, wanting to do favors for her in the hopes of winning her over.

We went on an incredible date later that evening and ended up spending a few precious hours together in the early morning before I had to dash off to catch my plane back to London. Sleep deprived and severely exhausted, I couldn’t help but keep thinking about Alison on the journey back.

You may recognize some of the things I’ve described in this article as components of the Love Systems Triad Model. Here, I’ve tried to simplify the process and include useful tips that you can go out and use today.

It’s my hope that this won’t be just another article you read, but something that comes to mind the next time you see a beautiful woman walking past you or sitting next to you in a café and inspires you to approach her.

Approaching and Transitioning

For most daytime dating situations, particularly the street, direct approaches – where you make your intentions explicit – often work the best. An indirect approach, like asking her for directions or asking her where a store is, will almost always get you a positive response, but you’ll have to work hard to make it go somewhere useful.

P1010856.JPGAn approach like, “Excuse me, I just saw you walking past and I had to tell you that you look absolutely stunning. What’s your name?” is going to get some null responses, but the ones that do respond will know the score and be more amenable to being charmed by you.

In that respect, approaching isn’t just about starting the conversation, but also setting a good tone and foundation for the rest of the interaction – one where she knows that you’re potentially interested in her and not just making idle chit chatter.

“What’s your name?” is the simplest way to transition off your opening line into a normal conversation with a woman you meet in the daytime. As soon as you exchange names with someone and shake their hands, you’re communicating that you’re going to talk a little bit with them. It’s the polite and socially intelligent thing to do.


Attraction is the part of the interaction where you demonstrate to a woman that you are an interesting guy and she becomes romantically or sexually interested in you based on your social value.

FreeBSDIn the daytime, it’s important that this happens within the first couple of minutes. In a nightclub or bar, you can often show your social value over a prolonged or interrupted period (for example, if she notices you talking to other people in the bar before you go talk to her). But in the daytime, you often only have one quick shot before she walks out of your life forever.

There are two basic rules to building attraction: you have to talk (meaning you have to make statements instead of just asking questions) and you have to say interesting stuff (meaning what you say has to show social value).

You have to ask a couple of questions early on like “What are you doing today?” and “What do you do for a living?” but make sure you are making plenty of statements in between those questions.

Remember that you are the one who is leading the conversation, so lead it onto topics that you find interesting and you can talk fluidly about. Personally, I’m not going to bring up or get into a conversation about the opera, golf or the entertainment industry, because I know very little about these things – I won’t be able to show any value and therefore build any attraction if I stay on these topics.

However, I will try to get into conversations about traveling, literature or dancing, because these are topics I know a lot about and can make interesting comments on, tell stories on and have opinions on.

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About Soul Soul is a lead instructor with Love Systems, formerly The Mystery Method corp. He is the pioneer of Daytime Dating, a method that teaches men to meet and attract the women of their dreams, anytime and any place. He believes in real connection, deep love, amazing sex and having 100% integrity in everything he does. You can catch him on a Day Game Workshop or read about his adventures and thoughts on his blog

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