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Spice up Your Life with CAJUN: The Long-Awaited Part III

?For the guys watching at home,? commented Peaches, a panel judge on the Canadian TV show Keys to the VIP, ?This is the pinnacle of where you can get if you sit down to actually study this stuff.? The skeptical judge had just watched Cajun flawlessly complete 3 of the show?s pickup challenges, culminating with the ?Recovery Challenge? where Cajun walked over to three blondes and informed them they ?looked like a bunch of retards.? When he managed to turn the irate group around, with one of the girls offering up her number and a parting kiss, Cajun?s reputation was sealed?he?s incredible with women.

And that was back in 2007.

Since then, the self-proclaimed ?scoundrel? has continued to develop his approach to meeting women. Our last two interviews with the lead Lovesystems instructor (Part I and Part II) detailed how Cajun reached the ?pinnacle? of game, but a lot has changed even since we last spoke. So like rediscovering where your dad hid his bottle of Jack Daniels when you?re 12 years old, we caught up with Cajun again to report some of his most recent tips and breakthroughs for dating and seduction?and trust me, it?s not what you?d expect.

It's not as difficult as it seems

Cajun, known for the insight he devises while out at clubs and bars, found an unlikely muse in a taboo place?in front of the computer. But it wasn?t an inflamed case of keyboard jockey itch, but instead a challenge to overcome one of his sticking points. ?A couple years back, I was having a lot of awkward dates,? explained Cajun, ?I wanted to get good at ?the date.? I wanted to learn what to do.?

And what better place to practice ?the date? than with online dating, which lets you set up as many dates as you can handle (provided you apply a few of Cajun?s tips). Cajun quickly discovered the benefits of services like Plenty of Fish. ?First off, it?s free. Then, once you make a profile, it?s really low upkeep. With putting in just a few minutes a day, I was setting up dates with two attractive girls per week. It?s like getting served hot chicks on a silver platter.?

Cajun quickly mastered the ropes, which he siphoned into a primer for online dating. For quick tips, here are a few recommendations from Cajun:

  • Create a profile that stands out?it sounds obvious but lots of guys try too hard to ?look cool? or ?seem sexy? and wind up coming off generic. Customize your profile so that you stand out from every other dude on there.
  • Don?t take it too serious?if you act like you?re on there as a joke or for your own amusement, you?ll give yourself a huge leg up on every guy pretending this is the World Series of Courtship. Relax. It?s just meeting women on the internet.
  • Follow up on Facebook?once you go back and forth with a message or two, add her on Facebook. It will seem much more normal than ?gaming? her on an internet dating site.
  • Ask yourself: Why is she on here??hot girl trolling for dudes on the internet, what do you think? Too good to be true or too true to be good? If she?s on an internet dating site, there?s a reason. Best case scenario: she?s a busy professional with little time to meet guys. Worst case: complete psycho. Cajun remarks, ?Some of these girls look great, but they?re not worth the hassle ? because they?re crazy.?

Once on the date, Cajun also has plenty of fresh tips and interesting advice to keep things passionate. Our interview focused on ?Beyond Words,? a dvd home study course Cajun recently released through LoveSystems that concentrates solely on attractive body language. But don?t expect cookie-cutter pointers like, ?don?t slouch.? Instead the course delves into the mindsets and thinking that promote great body language. In fact, much of the course is taught by Vercetti, a respected Shakespearean actor who understands how to ?look the part? under pressure.

?So much of body language is about subtext,? Cajun explained. He advocates ?poeticizing your presence,? a way to infuse subtext into every moment. ?A guy could be taking a sip of beer, but if the subtext says to the girl ?I?m going to ravage you,? it?s going to come across very attractive,? remarked Cajun. To make your moments poetic, intentionally slow down everything you?re doing and concentrate on the meaning as you do it. Make sure every moment is deliberate and communicates the subtext you want (which should be a passionate encounter).

?Subtext is so great because nothing is ever said,? said Cajun, ?It?s a sexual option that she can?t deny. With subtext you never have to say anything sexual, but you?re communicating it every moment, with every action.? For guys, this can be difficult to grasp because we think logically. If we can?t outright say something, we usually dismiss it or tune it out. Girls, however, are much more tuned into implied meaning and ?the vibe.? If you?re moving with slow, deliberate actions, taking up a lot of space, and leaning back comfortably, that says so much more about you than anything that could come out of your mouth.

Some guys might be thinking, ?Easier said than done.? We?ve all been there?talking to some super attractive girl that makes our heart race and our mind go blank. And that?s what makes Cajun?s appearance on Keys to the VIP that much more impressive. His calm demeanor in tense situations is what makes Cajun Cajun.

To harness that feeling, Cajun explained a simple mindset he conjures before dates and in high-pressure situations: ?I think back like ten years ago, realizing how much smarter and wiser I am now. Then, I think about how I?m going to be 10 or 20 years from now. I try to channel that older, wiser version of myself. I imagine what I?d tell myself with all that experience. It always makes me realize that nothing can happen that?s going to rattle me. I can handle whatever.?

To further prove the mind of Cajun, check out “Beyond Words.” The dvd home study course specifically about body language, that gives you the mindset and philosophy straight from the man himself.

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About Rob J. Rob J. is a writer and dating instructor in New York City. Themes that resonate in both his teaching and writing are masculinity, genuineness, rational self-interest, and general awesomeness.

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This free training course shows you how to finally break free of your “nice guy” habits ruining your sex life.

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