Neil Strauss, Author of The Game, on Howard Stern Show

Neil Strauss talks “pickup” on Howard Stern

For those of you who missed it, Neil Strauss was on the Howard Stern show yesterday talking about pickup.

Neil is out there pimping his new book on dead celebrities or something, but the subject of pickup came up and Neil got into some of the stuff he used to teach. ?I wonder if he taught the “Best Friends Test” or “Jealous Girlfriend” opener.

Here is a collection of some Neil Strauss’s best articles about pickup.

And here is another article talking about The Game: Penetrating the Secret Society of Pickup Artists.

I missed Neil Strauss on the Howard Stern show so I don’t know specifically what he talked about, so if you caught the show leave a comment below and let us know what Neil went into.

For those of you who are new to the world of dating and pickup advice, Neil Strauss was considered like a GOD a few years back, but since then, people have sort of turned against him, as some of what he teaches now appears out dated.

If you never learned Strauss’s material… below are some of his routines:

  1. The Best Friend?s Test
  2. The Cube Routine
  3. C vs. U Shaped Smiles
  4. Dual Induction Massage
  5. Pua Openers

Ah…. brings me back to the days when peacocking was cool…

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