The Mentality That Gets You Laid

When it comes to being great with women, nothing is more important than your mentality. We already know that the way you perceive yourself is also the way others perceive you but what really defines a true player mentality?

It?s defined by these 2 powerful concepts.
1 ? You are absolutely amazing and every woman should always want to be with you.
2 ? There?s an infinite amount of hot women out there for the taking.

These 2 core concepts are basically the definition of an attractive man. I?ve covered the first point on endless other occasions which is why today, I?m going to focus on the second one.

When you realize that regardless of the situation you will find yourself in, there?s always an infinite amount of women at your disposal ? You will act confident, unreserved and assertive.

Most guys don?t have this mindset because for many of them, being with or around a woman is not something that happens every day. Because this is such a ?rare? event, they begin to think that any woman that is attracted to them may very well be the ONLY woman who will ever be attracted to them. As a result, they put an incredible amount of pressure on themselves and their interaction. Pressure is not good which is why they usually fail.

This same ?infinite amount of hot women? concept can be applied in almost all your encounters with women. Here are just some examples:

? When you approach a girl and she instantly rejects you, realize that there?s an infinite amount of hot women who are probably much better and more attractive than her so you don?t need to give 2 cents because you know the only person losing out is her.

? When your best friend gets with that insanely hot girl you always wanted to bang, you realize that there?s probably an infinite amount of hotter girls out there so you?re just happy that he?s getting some.

? When your girlfriend is being a total control freak, checking your phone, acting all jealous, calling you out on everything that you didn?t do ? you don?t just sit there and take her shit thinking that she?s the ONLY girl that will ever date you. You dump her crazy face because you KNOW that there?s an infinite amount of hotter and actually SANE women out there.

? When you find yourself in a miserable relationship, you don?t try to squeeze the nothingness out of it, you do what you have to and end it before it drags you down. You do that because you KNOW there?s an infinite amount of hot women out there that will make you happy in a relationship.

It?s not easy to constantly have this mindset, especially if you haven?t really been with a lot of women but, if you force yourself into it, it will get much easier in time. You might think that forcing yourself to think in a certain way is wrong but it isn?t. Forcing yourself to think in a BETTER way can only be beneficial.

I used to have a hard time doing this but I just kept repeating it in my mind, over and over again. It took no more than a few months and eventually I had this locked down. Here are some examples on how to apply this mindset:

? Chick rejected me at the outside bar ? There?s 10 more at the inside bar that surely want me.

? Chick didn?t reply to my text ? I can get at least 4 new numbers if I go out tonight.

? Chick flaked on me ? There?s 20 more at the club I?m going to hit.

? Chick had a boyfriend ? There?s plenty more that don?t have a boyfriend.

? Girlfriend broke up with me ? There?s an infinite amount of women that want to be my girlfriend.

This ?player? mentality will always keep you in an attractive and healthy mindframe. When you actually believe it to be true, you will stop being needy, stop looking for validation, you?ll become more confident, more relaxed and genuinely more fun. In short, you will become the definition of an attractive man.

Women want a guy that has/has been with other women. This mentality reinforces that fact because you simply don?t care if it goes the other way which means you must have other prospects already. The moment when you stop caring about how a particular chick sees you, is the moment when you?ll be able to score that chick with almost no effort.

Final Notes:

Although this mentality is detrimental to your success with women, it does NOT justify your fear of rejection. For example, if you want to approach a girl, you can?t say ?there are many others out there so I don?t need to approach her? ? this just shows that you fear rejection and is NOT part of the player mentality.

Finally, having this mentality is absolutely great but taking it to extreme measures is a HUGE mistake. I?ve known guys that had this mindset so engraved in their brains that it stopped them from being able to commit or even be marginally satisfied by any one girl. Lucky for you, this usually happens to guys that bang a LOT of women so unless you?re about to hit 60+ this summer, you should be fairly safe.

This is the sort of stuff I discuss on my blog and in the free eBook I give out. If you want to increase your success with women, visit a place where the dating mindset is thrown out the window.

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