How to Impress Her Without Saying a Word

Making an amazing first impression is crucial. Being a conversationalist is important too, but you?ll rarely get to the stage of showing off your communication skills if you don?t pique her interest with the way you look and the way you carry yourself. Even once you?ve started impressing her with your sparkling wit, you still need to have perfect body language- people pay more attention to non-verbal communication when they form an opinion of you.

Appear confident and relaxed

Your demeanor is the number one aspect which will be noticed, especially before you talk. You need to have proper posture, and carry yourself with confidence. Be at ease with your surroundings- it?s obvious when a person feels uncomfortable. This takes practice and you need to really know yourself in order to purge yourself of any nervous habits you have. It is hard to fake being at ease, so it will need to come from the inside.

Don?t confuse being confident with being extroverted. You don?t need to be the loudest guy in the room to appear self-assured. Actually, this will make you look like you?re trying too hard if it doesn?t come naturally to you. You can still come across as confident, even with a shy disposition.

You need to look good

To sweep her off her feet without relying on your words, you need to look hot. It helps if you were genetically blessed, but it?s not essential. Keeping yourself well groomed and in decent clothing will go a long way to making you look attractive. You can easily make up for a face that is slightly lacking with a snazzy outfit. In particular?

Have amazing shoes

Shoes are the cherry on the top of any outfit. Women notice shoes. To really stand out, it helps to have unique, stylish shoes. Your shoes should also have a back story so if she compliments you on your shoes, you have a ready-made interesting conversation.

Don?t be a sheep

Women will never take notice of you if you fit in with the pack. As always, the trick is to set yourself apart. This is easy to do visually. It can be as simple as wearing a bowtie when every other man is wearing a tie, or ordering a fine wine when everyone else is chugging beer. This is linked with having confidence. If you stick to the people you came with at a social event and won?t step outside your comfort zone, nobody will notice you. People who lack confidence want to blend in; but to impress a woman you need to stand out.

Make eye contact, but don?t stare

Communicate with her without opening your mouth by making brief eye contact. She needs to feel a connection with you, and eye contact is an easy way to do it. However, don?t be creepy by looking at her too much or for too long. Staring at her will not impress her; she will just think that you?re weird.

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