Radical Inner Game – Review

Remember those scenes in the Matrix where Morpheus would take skills like Jujitsu and piloting helicopters, which would usually take decades to master, and install them in Neo?s mind in a matter of seconds? Well if someone were to tell you that you could do the same with the skills necessary to become a successful ladies man, I wouldn?t blame you for being skeptical.

But what if I told you that this Matrix like technology has actually existed for thousands of years?

I am, of course, talking about the supposedly mystical art of hypnotism. There is evidence that shows that humans have been using hypnotism to cure themselves of various physical and mental ailments for thousands of years. In fact, the Greek physician Asklepios is said to have used it to cure everything from headaches to sleeping disorders. And now the seduction guru Tony Laroche claims to have a cure based on hypnosis for all the men suffering from a dating life that is well below par.

His program is called Radical Inner Game and is a five part audio series that uses hypnosis to ?install? the qualities needed to become successful with women. But before we review the actual product, I think it?s important that we address a couple of important issues that you should be aware of before even thinking about trying out a program like this.

How hypnosis works

Science has come a long way in unlocking the mysteries of hypnosis, yet, to the general populous it still remains a somewhat mystical practice. Hypnosis is simple a combination of deep relaxation and suggestion. When a person is in a normal state, he or she is controlled by his conscious mind. Everything he sees or hears is first filtered and analyzed through the conscious mind before being accepted or rejected.

What a hypnotist does is he puts you in a state of deep relaxation so that he can directly access your subconscious mind. And ideas introduced to the subconscious mind in a state of hypnosis are readily accepted. And the subconscious mind then proceeds to ensure that your thoughts and actions reflect this newly internalized idea.

The creators of the program

If hypnosis is such a powerful tool and it deals directly with the subconscious mind, you would be a fool to let just anyone dabble around with it. There are literally thousands of pickup gurus out there today teaching all kinds of systems and methods, but the sad fact is that some of them aren?t really good human beings. That seems like a shitty thing to say, but it?s true.

You just need to take a look at the seminars of some of these pickup gurus to understand that they don?t really love women and that they?re just out there to make a quick buck from spreading their misogynistic view points. We really don?t think anyone should be a part of that, no matter the surface results.

Tony Laroche, the brains behind program, is someone who?s been through the mill himself. He talks on his website about how he read everything he could about building his self-esteem and inner game and how he tried learning with loads of pickup gurus to no avail. Tony claims that he managed to bring about a radical change in his game after meeting Dr. Jay Polmar, who he eventually enlisted to help create his program Radical Inner Game with.

Tony is a guy that understands first-hand how much more important the thought processes and beliefs that go on inside your head are than the actual words and routines you use when picking up women. And he?s smart enough to have taken all the outward skills and tactics and boiled them down to their core beliefs to create this program.

And this isn?t just him dabbling with hypnosis. Tony?s created this program with the help of Dr. Jay who?s a qualified clinical hypnotist and who has also taught the subject at a university level.

Now that that?s out of the way, we can proceed with the actually review!

The program is broken down into five audio tracks, each designed to help instill in you certain beliefs and thought processes necessary to bring about a drastic change in your dating and love life.

CD 1 ? Fierce Masculinity Immersion

This seventeen minute session deals with something that a lot of pickup gurus don?t talk about ? reconnecting with your core essence as a man. It?s designed to help you realize that you have the confidence, charisma and charm necessary to attract any woman that you desire. And that seduction is merely a process of uncovering these qualities in you. It instills a belief that women too want to be seduced by a man who?s in touch with his masculine essence and helps alleviate anxiety issues related to pursing the game of seduction.

CD 2 ? Approach Anxiety Destroyer

Approach anxiety is something that deters most newcomers into the world of seduction before they even approach a single woman. This twenty five minute session deals with completely destroying the fear and anxiety associated with approaching women. It also helps deal with any past experiences that stand in between you and your success with women and helps you associate positive emotions and feelings with the act of approaching women.

CD 3 ? Approach and Seduction Simulator

One of the main reasons for the anxiety that men suffer from when thinking about approaching women is the fear of the unknown. They are afraid of how a woman might react. They are afraid of not knowing if she?ll kindly turn them down or downright chew them out. This forty minute session is designed to help you mentally rehearse the process of approaching women minus the usual fear and anxiety. So that when you finally do go out and approach women in real life, you?ll feel like you?ve been doing it for ages.

CD 4 ? Be Cocky and Arrogant with Women

One of the most powerful qualities in any ladies man is his ability to pull the women around him into his own reality. This forty minute session is designed to install in your mind the essence of ?coolness? that men who are successful with women possess. It will guide you towards becoming the type of man who isn?t afraid to speak his mind with women and who is able to have a naturally seductive aura around him.

CD 5 ? Skills of a Sex God

This thirty minute session is designed to instill you with the skills and of a man who is a great lover. The session helps you first understand on a much deeper level about how much women desire sex and how a woman?s mind and body works. It delves into how to be the man that is able to navigate his way around a woman?s essence as a sexual being. It isn?t about just having the sex skills of a porn star, but about being a more sensual and caring lover that will make women go wild.

What we love about Radical Inner Game is the fact that it takes the very essence and beliefs of what it takes to become a successful seducer, minus the fluff and routines, and presents them in a package that?s designed to help you fully internalize them.

And what?s great about the program is that each audio session starts off with a calming ritual intended to put you into a serene and focused hypnotic state, so that you can either listen to all the sessions at a stretch or you can listen to them one by one.

We personally recommend that you listen to each session separately, and do so the first time while fully awake. We say so because it?s easy to drift away during a hypnosis session; which isn?t necessarily a bad thing because your subconscious mind will be listening in anyway; but by staying awake the first time you listen to them you?ll be able to have at least a rough idea of the content that?s been installed in your subconscious mind.

Thereafter you can listen to the sessions leisurely either every morning before you wake up, every night before going to sleep or during the afternoon.

It?s important to remember that although this type of program is in many ways is a short cut, it doesn?t mean that you?ll become an irresistible ladies man overnight. But you should start feeling a difference in your thought patterns and behaviors and a change in how people react and respond to you after 4 or 5 sessions. You should ideally aim to listen to the program at least three times a week for three months to experience solid, long lasting change.

The complete program is priced at $197 and you can check it out, along with bonus material and articles by Tony here.

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