What She Thinks When You Buy Her Gifts

Women expect presents when the occasion calls for it- but lavishing your money on her out of the blue is not always well received. What do women really think about receiving presents from their guy?

She thinks you?re trying to buy her affection

Most women will think it?s cute that you thought about her to buy her a present, but will wonder why you decided to do it. Younger women might be just happy to receive something, especially if the immature guys that they?ve dated before were financially lacking. Those who are shrewd, however, will think you want something in return. If your gift has strings attached, it?s not really a gift after all, and will make her feel quite awkward. It?s silly to buy her a present expecting a sexual dividend in return; if she was going to sleep with you, she?ll do it whether or not you give her a present.

Don?t do it too early

If you?re just casually seeing each other, it?s too soon to be buying her presents. It makes you seem clingy and like you?re trying to flash your cash at her. Generally, you should only buy her presents for no reason if you?ve been together for long enough that it?s clear you?re not doing it to show off.

Not all women like presents

Some women simply love to receive presents and think it?s really sweet that you?ve gone out of your way and spent money on them. Most will be suspicious about why you bought her a present and will feel awkward about receiving it. How are you meant to know if the woman you?re seeing will receive gifts well? If she never lets your pay for dinner, she probably will not want to receive random presents. You can test out the waters by getting her something small and inexpensive.

No women like dodgy presents

Jewelry will be appreciated by most women; jewelry that has been re-gifted after it?s been given back to you in anger by your ex will not be so welcomed. Women tend to like romantic gifts such as flowers and chocolates, but will be a little offended upon receiving tacky lingerie that?s two sizes too small. If you?re determined to get her some sort of gift, at least make it something that she would want to receive. Presents aren?t quite a one-size-fits-all approach. Your ex may have loved receiving flowers, but if you know your new girlfriend is horribly allergic to flowers and you then buy them for her anyway, she will be annoyed that you didn?t remember. She will also be put in an awkward position where she has to pretend to like the flowers.

It?s not about how much you spent

Most women will appreciate the time or thought you put in, over how much you spent on her. A home-cooked dinner featuring her favorite food that took you hours to prepare will be valued over a $200 bouquet of flowers.

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