When She Wants You To Buy Her Gifts

Knowing Whether You Are Dealing With A Gold Digger

Your new girlfriend has been dropping hints, or worse, outright asking, you to buy her presents. This is not a good sign.

Sorry to break the news to you, but if she is asking for presents, you are not in a real relationship. While some women may secretly want presents, most have the good sense not to ask. By explicitly asking for gifts, she is showing that she is only with you for your money, and she wants you to know it. She wants you to know that you need to shower her with gifts in order to keep her. You may tell yourself that she really does want you because she acts so into you, but you never know if it is ploy to make her buy her gifts. It may be the case that you are totally fine with this sort of arrangement, but be aware that she will drop you the second she finds someone more cashed-up. Even if you are well-off enough to buy her everything she wants, you soon will not be, as her wants may increase over time. You should be quite concerned if she knows that you are having budgeting problems and she is still pushing for gifts; this would indicate that she does not care about you at all. It is also quite possible that you are not as exclusive as you think. If she has realized that she has time for multiple men, she could have another guy or two on the side, who have also been enlisted into giving her gifts.

Subtle hints

It is a slightly different situation if she is just dropping hints that she wants particular items. When she outright asks, it indicates that she is upfront about only being with you for the material perks. But don?t think that being tactful means that she is not using you. It is likely that she is an opportunist, but she is with you for more than just money. In the best-case scenario, it is something as simple as her wanting more romance from you, and getting desperate enough to drop hints. Most women appreciate when their boyfriend gets them a thoughtful gift for no reason- perhaps she is used to this from previous relationships, and she wants to have you well-trained. Or, if her is aware that her friends? boyfriends buy them spontaneous gifts, it could be that she is jealous of their relationships.

When it?s okay to ask for gifts

I hope you are not reading this and coming to a horrified realization that your girl must be taking advantage of you because she mentioned that she?s got her eye on a certain something for her upcoming birthday. It is not really a problem when she rarely asks for anything, but tells you what she wants for special occasions. In fact, this makes your life easier because you do not need to guess what she wants. She is probably only telling you for that very reason. So, do not worry if she only asks for gifts twice a year.

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