Jason Capital’s Honey Trick (Six Questions)

Secrets To Making Women Want You

Today I had a chance to interview Jason Capital, author of Make Women Want You.

Jason is a guy who I?ve spent a lot of time hanging out with, and can tell you from first hand experience he walks his talk. And lives a life that would make many people envious.

1. A lot of my guys have asked me about this Make Women Want You program, and Jason Capital (which is you!) so for those that don’t know, who are you?

It’s funny man, when people ask me what I do, I say, “I’m a dating coach.”

Then they ask what that actually means,? and I tell them, “I show guys how to fvck? hot chicks.”

Which technically, is exactly what I do.

I have a following of about 40,000 ambitious dudes worldwide right now, who follow my teachings and programs because like me, they have VERY HIGH standards for their lives.

They want to date and bang the hottest girls, they want to become uber-successful in life and they want to become the most badass, high-status version of themselves possible.

Other than that, I was a virgin ’til I was 20,at which point I decided to dedicate my lifevto figuring out exactly how to attract the hottestvgirls, which is exactly what me and my studentsvdo now.

I’ve had so many guys thank me, telling mevthat compared to the ‘dating advice’ they gotv5 years ago, the stuff they’ve learned from mevis not only life-changing, but has actually gottenvthem the kinds of girlfriends they always wanted, which is always awesome to hear.

2. Make Women Want You is causing a lot of buzz online right now. Why? What is the secret behind the success?

The secret is that IT WORKS lol.

Take your normal dude:

He goes through the System, goes out that night, uses it and then get the girls he wants.

What other programs consistently produce that exact result?

Most of the advice out there sounds good on paper but work as well as the water-powered car in the real world.

I think what makes it so easy for guys to implement is that it’s just 3 things you have to know.

Know the 3 things, and any normal guy can get the hot girls he really wants.

I should add though that for about 10% of guys, they will see no results using this System.

I’m not really sure why but that’s been pretty consistent across the board.

3. What the fvck is the Honey Trick? And why? does it sound so awesome? Lol.

Well, to find out exactly, you’ve really gotta watch this whole video.

But to go a littler deeper, me and a friend recently were talking about? the?#1?most-important quality?to consistently attracting and banging really hot girls (and this?relates exactly to the Honey Trick).. Obviously, we know which qualities are typically??most important..

* Being High Status..
* Being playfully challenging (and sparking/amplifying attraction constantly)..
* Understanding the Power Switch..
* Charm and true, real human connection..
* Creating sexual tension..
* And then of course, all the contextual factors, like Social Status, Preselection and so on..


If I had to choose ONE quality that guaranteed a guy would attract hot girls consistently, it’d be the very one I launched my online brand with:






30They all basically mean the same thing, and they are all going to guarantee women feel attraction towards you.

And I think most guys, even beginners to game,?know this deep down.

Why’s it work so well?

Because when you’re actually abundant and carefree, it opens your personality entirely up – you’re happy, you’re self-entertaining, you’re free to charm, free to challenge, free to say what you want, free to do what you want and maybe most importantly, now there are no “walls of attachment” to get in the way of genuine, emotional connection.

Sound good to you? 🙂

4. Who is the ideal student for Make Women Want You and what can they expect after putting it to use?

It’s really ideal for the guy who wants to become the most badass version of himself THAT ALSO attracts all the hottest girls, almost effortlessly.

If you’re a guy reading this right now, and you feel like you’ve always settled for girls that weren’t as attractive or cool as you really?wanted, Make Women Want You is exactly for you.

Also, guys that just want to know the exact 3 things it takes to attract and date the 9’s and 10’s of the world

5. Who is NOT for?

It’s not for guys who like “average” girls.

Not saying there’s anything wrong with that, but guys who follow me like the TOP girls.

That’s who I want too, and that’s who all my programs are for.

6.? Where can a guy learn more about Make Women Want You and the Honey Trick?

He should watch this video in full here:

Learn ?the honey trick? here?

And if he’s really serious, he should watch the whole thing right now.

I know this video looks like a lot of those videos out there that promise to reveal a bunch of good information but never do, however, this one actually does.

In it, I’ll share a bunch of my best stuff about attracting the hottest girls, plus of course?you’ll learn the Honey Trick in it 🙂

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