How to Attract Girls FAST


By: Bobby Rio

How To Attract Girls and How to Make Girls Like You

How to impress a pretty girl

It?s a funny thing about women, that an obscene amount of time, resources, and money are spent trying to bring them into a man?s fold. The amount of time spent is mind-boggling ? with some people using their entire lives to chase around tail in all of its various forms.

Think about for a minute how often you?ve talked to your bros about women, take all the time you?ve spent chasing them unsuccessfully, add up all the hours in the gym you?ve put in just to get on better terms with ladies ? it?s a lot of time. Too much time, when you could?ve just cut to the chase and figured out how to attract girls.

Girls are people, so you need to think about what attracts you to a person, and rationalize it from someone else?s perspective. Sound like a lot of complicated work that you don?t necessarily want to do? Good. That?s why you?re reading about how to do it on the internet ? to expedite the entire process and make it better for you. Here are some good tips to internalize.

4 Ways to Attract Girls

1. ?Realize they don?t want to be chased after.

Think of how many times you?ve taken time out of your day to do something for somebody without being prompted. That?s you giving investment. Other times that you?ve texted girls non-stop, chased after them on the street, admitted your feelings to them, bought them dinners, tried to impress them with your nice cars ? all of that is showing investment. You?ve got that option, which only works occasionally ? oftentimes with undesirable women, or you could do the thing that actually attracts them ? demonstrate massive amounts of value and then show disinterest so they start chasing after you. That tends to work better than throwing all of your options against a wall and seeing if they stick or not. You showing massive amount of interest isn?t sexy ? the sexiest man to a woman is one who doesn?t care at all.

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2. ?Understand how to talk to girls. ?And master the art of banter

It?s so much easier to attract someone when you?ve discovered how to get emotional rises out of people. You can do that either by activating emotional states in a girl, or staging a grand parade that they?ll hopefully catch notice of every Thanksgiving. I?m kidding, you can?t do the second one, so you?ll need to be able to have good conversations, be able to tell emotional stories, and be subtly dominating. All that generates a lot of sexual and emotional interest in your direction from all the people bearing female perspectives. Are you terrible at telling stories? Or getting people invested in your line of conversation? Guess what? It?s the easiest thing to go out and practice ? much easier than the principles of sexual escalation. So you can go out to bars and practice bantering.

3. ?Never let the girl think that she?s got you.

Take the example of Jason Sudeikis. The man has been on Saturday Night Live for about 9 years in various capacities, but hasn?t really been a break-out star. He?s been in movies that were good, but he wasn?t particularly memorable in them. Here?s the difference between Jason Sudeikis and you ? he?s spent the last few years having sex with the most beautiful women in the world, and picking up girls from bars. Using only his game, announcer-type voice, and never letting the girls be too impressed with themselves ? because they are the most beautiful girls in the world. They?re not used to working for anything.

For more examples of how women act when they?re forced to work for something that they?ve never had to work for before ? watch episodes of The Bachelor. The women never know where they?re at, and then they go physically crazy. You want to make women go physically crazy? Demonstrate how important to their life you are for a woman, and never let her think you have her. It?s what all PUA?s do.

How to Appear Wanted By Other Girls?(The Power of Pre-Selection)

4. ?The best way to impress girls

Nothing?s better than having options ? and nothing is better than having those options beget more options. If you?ve gotten in the habit of approaching and attracting women, you?re going to have girls in your life. Those girls know more girls. Girls tend to be jealous of each other, especially in a situation where they?re competing with a guy who they see as a valuable resource or a man of social standing. So, get yourself in the position where you?re a social connector, and get girls jealous of all the female attention you get. Soon you?ll find yourself in the enviable position of swimming in women. Have you ever taken a bath in a pool full of women who want you?

Not yet. But once you learn how to attract girls, you?ll be able to reap all of the benefits.

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