Weird sex trick that works: Touch her toe…

I know I?m a pretty sexual person, but yesterday, I surprised myself!

I was getting a pedicure at my favorite spa…and the girl gave me a quick foot massage before painting my toes.

Well, while she was rubbing my feet, I noticed something…

I was suddenly starting to get REALLY turned on ? in public!

And then it hit me…having my feet caressed was bringing back memories of something my old ?friend? Tony did…

…and how we went from ?just friends? to ?friends with benefits? with ONE massage!

You see, one night, about 5 years ago, we were at my house watching movies and eating takeout.

I?d had a REALLY stressful week. I was exhausted? and my feet were SO sore after wearing high heels all day.

So Tony offered to give me an innocent, friendly foot rub…and I said yes because I wasdesperate to relax.

And it worked…at first the foot massage really helped me unwind. But something else happened, too?

All of the sudden, my pussy was tingling, my heart was racing, and I started to get VERY wet…

And when Tony started working his way up my calves, over my knees, up my thighs, I started to get SO aroused?

In fact, I was suddenly hornier than I?d been in…ages!

It was crazy…I wasn?t even in the mood for sex when he started…and I never even THOUGHT of Tony that way before.

But the next thing I knew, we were against the wall, f*cking HARD ? for some reason I just couldn?t resist!

It made me understand why some people have foot fetishes….when touched the right way, a girl?s feet can be POWERFUL arousal triggers!

In fact, certain pressure points in the feet are thought to DIRECTLY increase female horniness:

The ankle: Stimulating just below her ankle bones at the top of her foot could increase her energy and blood flow…making her more relaxed and more easily turned on.

The ball of the foot: This pressure point is actually just BELOW the ball of her foot. Chinese acupuncturists call it ?the bubbling spring? because it can release tension, stimulate desire, and INTENSIFY her orgasms.

The big toe: Massage (or even suck) her big toe to start stimulating her clit ? there?s a neurological connection between her toe and her clit. I?ve heard that some women can cum JUST from toe stimulation alone!

And a foot massage can work make ANY woman feel more frisky…even she?s had a bad day or ?isn?t in the mood.?

Plus, it can REALLY take your relationship to the next level…I mean, look how fast it got my Tony out of the friendzone;)

Think about it…you?re already touching her…and making her feel good?

So it?s easy to turn a foot massage into SEX…as long as you know what you?re doing.

Here?s how to give a panty-dropping foot massage (the same one I got from Tony 😉

All you need is a lotion ? I suggest vanilla or cinnamon scented…because both are natural aphrodisiacs.

Step 1: Take one of her feet in your lap and warm it up a bit…point her toes like a ballerina?s, push her foot back to stretch the lower calf muscles. It?ll feel amazing…especially if she wears heels a lot.

Step 2: Apply lotion to your hands, and rub it on her feet, starting at the heel and working to the toes.

Use firm, steady pressure and work the lotion ALL over the tops, bottoms and sides of her foot.

Step 3: Using your thumbs, rub the acupressure point right under her ankle bone…

Getting her blood pumping now will help you turn this massage into something sexy later on 😉

Step 4: Massage the ball of her foot with your thumbs, starting from the big toe and working your way out…she?ll REALLY start to relax and let the tingling sensations take over.

Step 5: Find the ?bubbling spring? acupressure point ? it?s right below the ball of her foot in the center. Massage it in tight circles using plenty of lotion?

You may notice her toes start to curl on their own…trust me, that?s a good thing?;)

Step 6: It?s time to work her toes ? they?re most SENSITIVE part of her feet. Add more lotion to your hands, and slip your fingers between her toes ? you might be the first person to touch her there!

Rub the sides of her toes, paying special attention to the POWERFUL pressure point on the side of her big toes ? it always makes me shiver in the BEST way.

Step 7: Repeat on the other foot. Make sure to take care of both.

Step 8: Once you?ve worked both feet, take both legs in your lap and start to work your way up her legs..,

Massage her calves, and to the super-sensitive back of the knee ? her nerves will go CRAZY and her legs will start to tingle.

Step 9: Massage your way up her thighs ? go slow, and compliment her legs…there?s nothing a woman loves more than a compliment.

And keep an eye on her face ? is her head back? Is she moaning? Breathing heavily?

When she?s writhing with pleasure, panting heavily, totally relaxed…YOU?RE IN…

So go ahead and make your move!

Now is the time to slip her panties to the side and show her JUST how good you can make her feel!

Because once you?ve tap into her sensuality with an arousing foot massage, she?ll jump at the chance to take things even further…and she?ll want to make you feel JUST as good in return.

Think about it ? I actually had some of the bestsex of my life…with a guy I THOUGHT I?d left in the friend zone?

…and it all started with a simple foot massage.

So just imagine what this technique can do for you 😉



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