How to Touch a Girl in 5 Ways to Make Her Want You

5 Ways to Touch a Girl to Make Her Want You

Let’s face it, if somebody could give us a magic potion that would make girls want us like crazy, men would pay $100’s or $1000’s of dollars, to be able to use that potion at their own will. Honestly, as men, we are always looking for the ways in which we can become more attractive to the other sex.

Being able to seduce, intrigue and captivate a female is one of the most revered skills you can have as a male, yet many of us lack the skills to be able to get even close to being classed as a lothario. Making a girl want you with words can be complicated, but doing the same by touch can be a more accessible skill to obtain.

A word of caution, using these techniques in public may result in improved attention, other guys hating?it and many wishing they could do what you do.

Strap in as we jump straight to it.

First, Does Touch Even Matter?

Before we get into talking about how to get a girl to want you by touching her, you first need to understand why touching even matters in the first place. Firstly, touching is a significant attraction trigger for most women, but it’s not only attraction that makes touching so successful for men.

Research has shown that when approaching women and applying a light touch can, in fact, double your chances of the women saying yes to a date compared to not touching at all. When you consider that for a moment it’s worth remembering in this research the scientists taking the test would do just this:

  • Approach a woman
  • Introduce himself
  • Say he had to get to work but would like to ring her later to go for a drink
  • and then ask for her number

When the experiment?was done without touching they had around a 10% success rate. When paired with a light touch the success rate doubled to 20%.

These women didn’t evaluate the man asking her and think, ‘Yep, he’s got a nice touch I’ll go on a date with him’. Their decision was made subconsciously and this is what improved the odds.

Subconsciously touching can be a compelling thing when talking to women, now let’s apply that principle to making her want you.

#1 – Touch Her as Soon as You Can

When first meeting a girl the same way as it’s important to start of the conversation in a flirty tone, it’s also important to get physical as soon as possible. Always touch a girl when first meeting her, this can be:

  • Taking her hand and holding it for a moment
  • Or if you’re feeling really bold, kiss her on the cheek while holding her hand

Establishing this physical connection early on is essential to get the unconscious part of her brain working towards liking you. The significant part is to get close enough to her on opening the conversation that you are inside her personal space, and that you break the tension gap, so there isn’t any accidental awkwardness between both of you.

You can also bring in other forms of touch early on in the conversation like touching her upper arm while making a point, resting her leg against her as you talk and lifting up her wrist to inspect the bracelet or watch she is wearing.

#2 – High Point Touching

High point touching is the best time to escalate the way you are touching her, and you want to focus on doing this when on a high. This could be when she’s laughing at one of your jokes or is flirting with you or generally having a good time.

You want to look for the moment when you are vibing together, and you can feel that energy between you in the air. Take advantage of this opportunity and touch her, the stronger the emotions, the more you should be touching her.

You can do anything from cupping her elbow while she is talking to you with the palm of your hand, putting your arm over her and pulling her close or even putting your hand on the small of her back. If you’re feeling bold, you could even throw her onto your lap, but be warned this could push you too far over the edge.

Make sure to judge how and when to touch her based on the intensity of the emotions you’re feeling between you and her.

#3 – Lead Her to Somewhere

When it’s time to lead a girl somewhere, you want to make sure that you are leading her, this gives the sense of dominance and also that you are in charge. The way you can do this is by touching her protectively while guiding her where you need to go.

You can guide her with your hand on her back, your arm around her shoulder, you can hold her hand and lead her through a crowd and even keeping an eye out and stopping her from walking into traffic can all be opportunities to get physical touching involved.

This establishes a bond between both of you, as two people who are sticking together during a transition from one place to another. This helps her to start to think of you as us or we instead of just her, and it also reassures her that you are looking out for her.

#4 – Build Her up with Touching

As she begins to get more and more comfortable with you, you will begin to notice changes and opportunities will present themselves to you. As things become more electric, this is your opportunity to add the romantic touch.

This can mean doing small things at first like touching or stroking her hands, stroking or playing with her hair, touching her cheeks, nose, chin or having her rest her head on your shoulder if you’re sat beside each other.

This helps to escalate and make her understand that you are touching each other in a way friends wouldn’t.

#5 – Physically Escalate Your Touching

Once you’ve gotten her alone, you can move things to a physically intimate level. Physical escalation is the process of gradually (or sometimes rapidly) increasing the intensity of the touch that you’re doing with her right up until you get her into bed.

You can use forms of romantic touching like running your hand down her back or neck, and even kissing her to escalate into sexual touching. Sexual touching is when you want to start engaging with her just before going to bed.

You need to be cautious not to engage sexual touching too early because if you do it early and won’t be alone for another 2 hours, the feelings can go cold. Holding back sexual touching can actually drive her crazier than pursuing those feelings.

When you eventually do get her alone, that’s when you want to start using sexual touching to your advantage. These include touching her inner thighs, placing your hands on her butt, rubbing her breasts, kissing her neck and other parts of her body beside her mouth and biting or nibbling on any part of her.

When you can get her to the point of being able to use sexual touching, you are pretty much guaranteed that she is going to be wanting you.

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