1 Powerful Trick to Make Her Want You

Get Her Hot And Bothered With This One Move

Men all over the world are looking for the secret tool. That one thing that they can use to command total power over the sexual attraction of the opposite sex.

Women want magic potions to make men fall in love; men want magic beans to make women at a glance lose their breath and to hang on your every word. In reality, that’s a sweeping statement. Of course, every man and every woman want different things, but learning how to use your skill set to make women want you is something that is very powerful.

The problem is most people don’t know where to gain these skills, and the truth is, even if you read what you need to do, you might not be able to master it. While there is no substitute for genuine attraction, if you choose, you can use this trick to gain the upper hand and make her want you.

Why This Article Is Just One Tip

All the time, when discussing with guys the different techniques and ways to build connections and romance with women, the same question comes up time and time again.

‘If you were to give just one tip on how to build attraction, what would it be?’

The truth is if you search Google for ‘how to make women want you’ there will be 100’s of articles all giving you 7-10 different tips on who to build attraction. The trouble with having too many tips? You don’t take any action.

You read it, and you instantly forget it.

By focusing on just the one tip in this article, there is a much higher chance that you’ll understand it and actually go out and do it, which is kind of the point, right?

So do me a favor, statistically speaking only 3% of you (or even less) will take this one tip and put it to use. Prove the statistics wrong and go out and try out this tip.

You won’t be disappointed.

Understanding the Difference Between a Friend and a Lover

Before we dive into the number one trick I have for you to make her want you, let’s just talk about something important real quick. When you begin any interaction with a woman, you need to set the tone.

Setting the tone is important for a number of reasons. Firstly, if you have started a conversation with a woman and haven’t given her any indication that you are interested in her in a flirty fashion, if you suddenly change it up after 3-4 meetings, she’s going to think it’s weird.

Secondly, if you give off the impression to a girl that you want to talk to her in a feminine way (asking lots of questions), she may get bored and see you as just that, a friend. You want to talk to her in a masculine conversation manner.

Finally, if you want her to want and desire you, you need to put that on her radar. That’s what this powerful tip will do, just through a mild body language cue.

Make Your Choice, Love or Desire

Choosing what you want, love or desire is important when deciding which way you want a conversation with a?woman to flow. You need to make a meaningful decision.

Do you go down the ‘desire’?route or the ‘romantic’ route?

What’s the difference? If you want to build a meaningful relationship with someone, chances are you don’t want them to jump straight into bed with you. You want to build a meaningful connection and build a strong emotional bond between one another, and that makes the lust or desire build up over time.

If you want to skip all that romance and go straight to the ‘desire’ route, you’ll need to give of some very different signals. Masculine conversation can build into this and help lead a girl into asking you questions and not the other way around.

Now, onto the good stuff.

A Powerful Way to Make Her Want You

If you wanted to know the ultimate trick to making a woman want you, the best trick compared to all the rest that you want to master, then this article is about to get interesting.

There will be countless dating guru’s who will tell you all different advice on what works best. Master the approach, learn to neg, open with confidence, lead the conversation. All different techniques will give you similar results but require a lot of training to truly master.

This simple technique can be mastered in a matter of minutes and can have huge results, based on how our brains process information.

With that, I say to use this advice with caution. I’m not trying to promote men manipulating women or take advantage of women. I’m trying to help teach you guys how to become your most attractive self.

Give Her the Look of Desire

First, how to do it.

The ‘look of desire’ as I’m coining this phrase is a simple enough idea. The next time you see a girl that you’re attracted too, I want you to smile with your eyes.

It sounds simple enough, but trust me when I say this can have a powerful effect on women.

You can actually practice it right now while reading this article, grab yourself a mirror and let’s tackle it. What you want to do, is look in the mirror and give yourself a big natural smile. Now, look at your eyes.

When you have a big smile on your face your eyes move, what you want to do is look at how your eyes are and slowly drop your smile but keep your eyes in the same place. It’s almost as if you are squinting but don’t squint your eyes together, try and smile naturally, see the difference in your eyes and try and keep that look as you relax your jaw.

This is the look of desire, women want to be wanted and she should feel that when you look at her while smiling with your eyes. Women want to be desired, and you should already be aware of this.

Put the Look of Desire to Use with Caution

This little trick is simple enough, but once mastered it can instantly tell the other person you are attracted to them. Making your date feel desired is one of the greatest gifts you can give a woman, but please don’t abuse this gift.

For more tips on how to improve your dating life, check out my other articles.

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