How to Touch a Girl Without Coming Across as Creepy

How to Break the Touch Barrier with a Woman

This is a great question!? And one that many guys struggle with.

Most guys make the same mistake that you suggested and they try to jump from no physical contact to something overt and aggressive like a ?good morning hug.? Now, if you?re in a playful mood, there is nothing wrong with occasionally giving a girl a PLAYFUL good morning hug. But you don’t want to become known as THAT GUY always trying to cop a feel with a hug.

Instead, you want to gradually introduce touch into your relationship with the girl. You can start off my lightly touching her elbow when you?re both talking and laughing about something.? You can use ?high fives? when she says something you agree with.?Let your arms brush against her as you pass by.?And occasionally, as you?re talking to her stand close enough to her that your arms touch hers.

If you?re already on a more comfortable level with her you can begin touching an interesting necklace she?s wearing, meanwhile allowing your fingers to lightly caress her neck.?Lightly and incidentally brushing her abdomen with your hands while talking.? Or brushing (or pretending to brush) something off of her face.

This is all subtle touching, but it sends a powerful unconscious signal. And the animal instincts that are inside of all of us will become keenly aware of the undercurrent of sexual tension.

Once you?ve established to a woman that you?re comfortable in the realm of ?touch? you can begin to introduce more overt forms of touch into the relationship. It?s always easiest to playfully touch a woman.?This means you can jokingly push her out of your way.?Or do a fake palm reading session on her.?This is also the time, where an over exaggerated ?good morning hug? can be effective?? but she must know it?s playful.

Here is the critical thing?

This is all assuming that you?re not getting any indicators that she is interested in you. Because once she begins sending you signs a girl likes you, you can become even more overt with your touch. And more intimate.?Your goal here is to begin setting her up for the kiss.

At this point, you can begin to do more intimate touching like:

– Placing her head to rest on your shoulder
– Moving your face into her neck and smelling her
– Lightly stroking her face with your finger, close in, looking into her eyes
– Running your fingers through her hair, close in, looking into her eyes

If want to read a complete ladder of escalation then read this article by Vin Di Carlo?s Step by Step Ladder of Escalation. This article really outlines exactly how to move along touch from something innocent and playful all the way along to how to get a woman’s panties off back at your place.?It is a must read.

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