How To Make Her Want You Badly

5 Tips for Being Mr. Right and Instill a Craving in Women for You Only

How often have you asked yourself ?Does she want me?? It is a common question that men ask themselves when dealing with women. And, if the question is being asked, she probably doesn?t. You see, when a woman wants a man, she makes it clear. If a woman wants a man, she is no longer hesitant or unsure, and she gives in to her desire.

We as men get inside our own heads, trying to say and do the right things, then analyzing if it is working. When this happens, we begin to defeat our own purpose. If we question our own desirability, it should be no surprise that she will do the same.

But, what if you could get out of your own head? What if you could put your ability to create want and desire on autopilot? If you don?t have to question your success, your success with women will improve.

What do Women Want in a Man?

Of course, what women want is a loaded question. Every woman, just like men, has specific wants and desires on a personal level. Whether it is all about the money or looks or dependency, you can?t meet those specific wants. However, there are some base desires that are common in every woman. Desires that unconsciously drive her to want the man who meets them. Desires that can even supersede her ?momentary? wants.

It goes back to base, female instincts. Women need strength, protection, and control. The need a man who takes charge and leads them to desire. Women are naturally drawn to men who present these attributes. They also need a man who has some ?feminine? characteristics also, like vulnerabilities, passion, and openness.

Don?t worry, as you don?t need to emasculate yourself to exhibit these characteristics, you just need to be real.

5 Things That Make a Woman Want

Take control of your look. ? When it comes to what women want, how they see you is important. If you look like a slob, how can you instill desire? If you don?t groom yourself properly, why would she want you? These things speak to control and well-being. If you can?t make yourself presentable when meeting or dating women, don?t expect great results.

Women spend a lot of time on dressing and getting ?made up? for men. Doesn?t it stand to reason that she is looking for the same? Give them what they want. Put on some nice clothes, get a haircut, maybe incorporate some groomed facial hair (if you can make it work) and make it consistent. You can?t be awesome looking one day and a dog the next. It will kill your chances.

Be a flirty friend. ? Women love a man they can talk to. They have a lot to share, and if you can listen, they will love it. Don?t try to solve their problems, and only give advice when asked. This is important whether you are on a hookup mission or something more substantial. It is about creating a feeling in women that gives them comfort.

But, you need to avoid being ?friend-zoned?, which means you need to be flirty as well. The best approach for being a flirty friend is when you are alone together. Around others, create a little distance, but when you get her alone let your flirtations come out. Tease about dating and make flirtatious comments. This will create curiosity that she will want to figure out.

Never let her see you sweat the other guy. ? While a certain level of possessiveness is good in a relationship, it is often negative in the dating or hookup world. Women strive for independence in this male-dominated world. That doesn?t mean they aren?t needy, but you need to treat it properly.

Men who see every other man as a threat to their dating success are insecure. There is no other question about it. She is not your property or your girlfriend, so let her have her life. Live your own, without the stress of worrying what she is doing. If you are presenting the type of man she wants, I can promise those other guys are not a threat. Your ability to handle these things makes you the target of her desire.

Give her a reason to miss you and make her say it. ? One thing about women is that they need their space sometimes, so give it to them. But, you can do the same thing and instill more want. As you are moving further with a woman, be fully involved with text or call for a few days, then skip a day. Now, don?t skip a day that is important, such as an expected call about plans, etc.

If she reaches out to you the following day and wonders why she didn?t hear from you, you have been successful. Then you want to be playful about it using flirtation, teasing, and charm and have her tell you she missed you. This creates reinforcement in her mind and builds her want for you. Don?t overplay this though, or they will see the game.

Be an open, vulnerable and sexy guy. ? As I said before, women love to talk. When they do, they often share vulnerabilities, dreams, and passions. Do the same. Yes, women want the ?Knight in shining armor?. But, a desirable man knows when to take the armor off and share. Give her some insight into your life and what you want. A man with passions and dreams is someone relatable. He ?gets? her.

At the same time, guide her to be open about sex. Draw her more intimate passions out as well. When she can let down the protective walls of her intimate secrets, without fear of judgment, she will give herself permission to let you explore those secrets with her.

While it can seem daunting to be what women want, being wanted isn?t that difficult. It does demand some effort and consistency, but it pays off in the end. With some women, you must spend a little time and create the want inside her. However, if you can get away from second-guessing yourself, and know you are Mr. Right, she won?t have any choice but to believe it as well.

Practice and make these things a part of your approach with women. And, own it. When you do, autopilot engages, and it happens naturally.

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