Top 5 Rules Of A First Date


The five rules to follow

The first date could be a complete dud or the start of a beautiful relationship. It depends how well you play it.

More often than not, you won’t get a second chance with a quality woman if you mess up the first date.

However, if all goes smoothly, you could have her really excited about the possibility of seeing you again.

It’s high stakes.

Here are five rules to help you win her over on the first date.

1. Pick the perfect location

As the man, it’s your job to ask the woman out and choose the location.

The ‘perfect location’ doesn’t have to be a venue that blows her away.

What’s more important is to pick somewhere which is easy for her to agree to. That means somewhere super-casual, which isn’t difficult to travel to.

A big fancy restaurant might be billed as a really impressive first date location, but most girls will feel pressured at a super-romantic venue when they barely know you.

Restaurants require a big time commitment from both of you, plus it’s difficult to physically flirt with her when you’re sat at opposite ends of a table.

A quiet bar or a cafe tends to be more suitable. Ideally, it’s a cafe or bar that is close to your house, so you can transition there if things are going really well.   

2. Offer to pay

This tip might surprise you. After all, it’s 2018. Most women have full-time jobs these days and paying can set a dangerous precedent for your role in the relationship.

…but only if you’re spending a lot of money.

If you’ve chosen a super-casual venue as suggested, you can offer to pay without looking like you’re trying to buy her affection. It solves the ‘who should pay’ debate instantly.  

If she’s not stuck in the seventies, she’ll probably offer to buy the second round of drinks. Let her.

3. Be the chooser

The modern dating narrative is stacked against men.

This narrative says it’s up to the man to woo the woman, and it’s up to the woman to decide whether she likes him.

Of course, she has a choice whether she likes you or not, but you can take some power back by asking questions that suggest you’re not completely sold on her.

Create a list of five non-physical traits that your ideal woman would have. Your questions should help you find out whether she has these traits.   

She’ll appreciate the fact that you’re not immediately won over just because she’s pretty.

4. Make it romantic

It’s unclear where this myth came from, but some people believe that a true gentleman doesn’t try to kiss or have sex with a woman on a first date.

This is baloney.

If she’s spent time getting ready for this date and travelling to meet you, she wants you to at least try and move things forward romantically.

It’s more than possible to do this in a gentlemanly way. Then, it’s up to her to accept or reject your advances.  

More often than not, if you don’t even make a move, she’ll either think you’re a pussy or wonder what’s wrong with her.

5. Enjoy it

A lot of women find first dates really stressful.

It’s up to you to not take it too seriously and enjoy it. This will allow her to open up and have a great time. A win-win for both of you.

About Joe Elvin

Joe Elvin is a dating/relationships blogger currently travelling the world living as a digital nomad. His book ‘The Thrill Of The Chase’ explains how learning to truly enjoy singledom helped him to dramatically improve his dating life.

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