How To Pull

The ultimate guide to pulling

The best way to make an impression on a woman is to pull her to your house and have mind-blowing sex.

However, there’s a right and a wrong way to go about doing this.

Do it wrong and she’ll often refuse to go with you, even if she’s craving your body.

Sure, she might say yes next time. Yet, in an era where beautiful women are constantly being hit up on Tinder and social media, there might not be a next time.

You’re better off learning how to pull on the first meeting. Get her home, give her the sexual experience of a lifetime and she won’t be forgetting you any time soon.

Below are some tips to help get her into bed quickly.

Why does this guide need to exist?

I can hear the feminists and white knights screaming at the computer screen already.

“Why does this need a strategy? Honesty is the best policy. Let the woman decide when she’s ready to sleep with you!”

With the strategy below, women know exactly what’s going on and remain in control of their decisions. To suggest otherwise is an insult to female intelligence. However, by following these steps, you can allow them to make these decisions without feeling the shame attached to female promiscuity.

It’s sad that negativity towards women who have casual sex still exists. We’ve come a long way towards repairing this attitude. There are more empowered women, who aren’t bothered by society’s opinions, than ever. Still, the fact remains that females will be shamed by their peers if they’re judged to be giving themselves away too easily.

This stigma terrifies them, to the point they’ll turn down men they’re desperate to hook up with.

By pulling in a way that doesn’t make them feel guilty, you’re doing these women a great favour.

The ‘sex just happened’ frame

The stigma mentioned above is the reason why it won’t work to straight-up ask a woman if she wants to hook up.

Even if none of her friends would ever find out, she’ll struggle to agree to this.

She needs to be able to tell herself that ‘sex just happened’ spontaneously, not that she put in tons of effort to make it happen.
Even classic excuses like ‘cuddles’ or ‘Netflix and chill’ have become too see-through for her to say yes to.

As such, it’s up to you to create a situation where sex can just happen.

Have an excuse to go back to your house

In order for sex to ‘just happen’, you’ll need a non-sexual excuse to go back to your house. It’s useful to seed this idea in her brain before inviting her, so it doesn’t drop out of the blue later on.

If you’re in a nightclub or at a bar, the low cost of drinking at home provides a handy excuse. If the venue is closing, that’s the perfect time to mention an afterparty. This publication would never advocate having illegal drugs at your house, although this would probably attract a certain type of woman there pretty easily too.

Whatever your idea is, mention it within a few minutes of meeting her. Then, invite her when the time is right.

As mentioned above, the woman isn’t stupid. She knows exactly what’s going on. If she’s desperate for sex, you could seed the pull with something simple like Mario Kart or a comic book collection. Anything that helps her rationalise the decision to go with you.

However, if she’s still on the fence about sleeping with you, an awesome excuse will work in your favour.

Meet women close to your house

A short journey will also help her rationalise coming to your house.

She’ll struggle to justify a 30-minute taxi ride towards even the most awesome ‘afterparty’, but a two-minute walk to see someone’s comic books may seem perfectly reasonable.

With this in mind, try to organise nights out and dates as near to your house as possible.

If you’re not fortunate enough to be walking distance from your bedroom, take baby steps towards it before you pitch your awesome excuse to go home.

Maybe you visit a diner outside the club, a cool shisha bar by your house, then mention the fun activity at your house.

The less investment needed from her, the better. A short walk to your home is ideal. If not, get a taxi or drive her. Don’t make her wait for public transport.

Escalate on high points

Women tend to make decisions with emotions over logic. When you suggest going somewhere, she’ll often look into her body and see how it feels to comply. That’s why it’s effective to take baby steps immediately after you’ve spiked her emotions.

Invite her to the diner just after you’ve made her laugh. Order a cab to your house straight after she’s swooned over some adorable story etc.

Should you kiss her?

The argument for kissing before pulling is that it makes her horny. It also demonstrates you’re not a complete pussy.

However, the argument against kissing her is pretty strong too…

Women love to chase guys. For them, the best sex requires an emotional rollercoaster, which starts upon meeting and climaxes once she does. They want tension. They want mystery. They want to get to your house without knowing whether sex will happen or not.

If you become ‘the make-out guy’ before you get there, she knows exactly how the fairytale ends. Suddenly, the tension dissipates. She becomes less emotionally invested. The ‘sex just happened’ story she tries to tell herself becomes less believable. Logic kicks in and she tells herself to make you wait.

It’s probably best to find a balance between these two options. Kiss her once, so she knows you’re not a pussy, but otherwise give her some space to chase you until you’re in the bedroom. Ultimately, she’ll thank you saving the tension.

For more information on this, see this guide on the right time to kiss her.

Keep the fun going

Once you’ve got her home, keep the energy levels high.

Give her a fun tour of the house. Put some of her favourite music on. Start doing the excuse that brought her to the house. Anything that keeps her emotions in an elevated state. There’s nothing like silence in a strange man’s house to help her logical side spook her into feeling like a slut.

You may need one more baby step to move from the living room to the bedroom. At this point, ”let me show you something” should suffice.

From there, relax, make a move and get down to what men and women were born to do together.

This is all entirely unnecessary…

There are plenty of men who have got laid without knowing a thing about this strategy.

Perhaps they took a woman on several dates and waited until she decided it was socially acceptable to sleep together.

These drawn-out courtships have worked for millions of couples. It could work out for you…

However, it’s 2018. Flaking is rife. Ghosting is commonplace. Women are talking to dozens of dudes at the same time, and they’re sleeping with fuckboys who know how to pull them properly. Rather than trying to ‘out-gentleman’ these guys, why not join them? It’s a far more effective strategy for keeping a woman in your life.

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