Should You Use Money To Impress Women?

The truth about money and dating

The seduction community might preach that looks and money don’t matter, but they certainly do help.

Money provides freedom, travel and adventures. You’d be crazy to think there’s anyone who doesn’t want more of that.

This is the world we live in. Rather than complain about how all women are all evil gold-digging snakes, why not get your finances handled? Do it for yourself, rather than to win a woman’s affection.

Having said that, if you flaunt your wealth in the wrong way, it’ll still make all the good women run a mile.

Below, we explore the main reason why many rich guys lead a pathetic love life.

The biggest mistake that rich guys make

The most common mistake made by wealthy men is trying to create attraction with money. Some will buy girls they’ve just met a huge bottle of high-end vodka. Others continuously start conversations about their Bentley or Rolex. Any non-subtle display of higher value will usually come across as trying to compensate for an unattractive personality.

A lot of girls will stick around for the free stuff, but few will sleep with you unless you have the attractive personality to back it up.

Here’s why good women hate guys who lead with money:


Masculine energy is the desire for freedom, not desperation to be locked down with someone they barely know. If you throw too much money at your romantic pursuits, you’re in danger of coming across as desperate, which is a huge attraction-killer. In fact, it’s possibly the most unmasculine quality you can show.

The feeling of being bought

In this era of modern feminism, many women despise the idea of being bought by a man. It makes them feel no better than a prostitute. Sure, the internet has made it easier than ever to become a sugar momma, but this career path disgusts the majority of self-sufficient women.

They don’t need money

Most women are self-sufficient in 2018. They don’t need a wealthy man to survive. For most women, money is the icing on the cake of a great relationship. It’s extremely sweet, but pretty sickly without anything to back it up.

How rich guys can attract good women

The best tip for rich men to slay with women is to be subtle about their wealth.

Most wealthy men who are great with women do this naturally, because they’re desperate to avoid gold diggers.

You should aim to expose women to your awesome personality first and the true extent of your wealth afterwards.

By all means, dress really well. Attend high-end bars. Buy bottle service for you and your friends.

However, you shouldn’t give women too much of the good life until they’ve earned it.

Don’t buy her a bottle of Cristal until she’s shown she’s cool. Don’t take your date on a private boat until you know each other properly.

Behave like you’re the prize?and she has to win you over.

A good woman will thank you for this. She doesn’t want a guy who will throw money at anyone. She wants some space to chase you and earn your affection. This will allow her to experience genuine attraction for you, without the shame of feeling like a gold digger.

The lover vs provider frame

The concept of the lover vs provider frame?suggests that women will behave differently depending on how she perceives her man.

If she sees him as an exciting ‘lover’ with little potential as a stable partner, she’ll unleash her wild sexual side almost immediately, knowing that he’ll judge that positively. If she views him as a reliable ‘provider’ for her future family, she shows her pure angelic side, in the belief that most men want to settle down with a good girl. This means she’ll wait a while to put out and keep her wildest sexual fantasies to herself.

If you want the best of both worlds, it’s recommended to initially behave like a ‘lover’?and let her discover your ‘provider’ qualities later.

Why you don’t need money to get a great girl

Women respond to emotions over logic.

She wants the man who makes her feel good over the guy who provides a luxurious lifestyle.

That’s why so many women try to tame and settle down with the ‘fuckboy’, even while tons of accomplished beta-males are begging her for a date.

The unexciting rich guy might ultimately lock down an older woman, who is looking to start a family with a stable partner. Still, with divorce laws so favourable for women, there’s little stopping her leaving once she has the family she craves. After all, the odds are she’ll leave with half her husband’s net worth and custody of the kids.

This isn’t to say you shouldn’t get married or make a ton of money. However, it’s worth learning how to become an attractive guy who can emotionally stimulate a woman too. This will keep her addicted to you (not just your money), meaning you can enjoy a long prosperous relationship together.

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