When to Go for the Kiss

Take Your Shot With Confidence and Seal The Deal

Whenever you?re on a date There is always that pressure as to whether it is a good time or not to make your move and go in for the Kiss.

There?s a lot of stuff going through both of your minds?

?Does my breath smell? ?

?Is she into me?…

?Am I going to get rejected?…

All of these things are legitimate things that you should consider but I?m going to teach you the signs to pick up on so that you can make your move with confidence.



Ok so first of all, she will have let you know way early on if you?re going to get a kiss at the end of the night or not.

You?ve got to make sure you know what to look for though?

Signs She is Into You

Look for the telltale signs during the date?

Is she being giggly and laughing during the conversation?

Is she leaning towards you while you guys are talking?


That last one is a big one.? These are all signs that she is flirting with you and may want some lip service before the end of the night.

Women Speak with Their Bodies.

Eye contact is so important not only because it displays confidence but because it gives you the opportunity to read her.

If you notice that she is licking her lips or playing with her mouth?

Smiling with her tongue slightly out?

Biting or licking her lips?

Looking at your lips?

These are all dead giveaways on what she is thinking about.? She is thinking about kissing you and it?s written all over her face so make sure you don?t miss it.

If you don?t pick up on these signs then you wont make your move at the end of the night with any sort of confidence and it will be a huge turn off.

Pay attention so you can make your move with confidence that it won?t end IN REJECTION.


This is a big one because you?re chances of success increase as the night goes on.

You?ve got more time to solidify yourself as the man she wants?

You can pick up on her body language so that you know whether she is feeling you or not?

DURING THE DATE gauge her responses to the conversation?

Imagine being on a date with a dumb ugly person but you don?t want to be a dick to her face.

You?re going to want to get out of there as soon as possible but you?re also not going to want to just straight up say that she?s dumb and ugly and leave her at the bar?


If she?s not feeling you then she will give short responses to your conversation and won?t reciprocate curiosity in you.

IF A GIRL IS INTERESTED in you then she will reciprocate your questions.

She might say things like?

?So tell me about yourself??

?She will ask you the same questions back to you that you asked her?

These are all signs that she is interested in knowing more about you because she is seeing how well you guys mesh.

Make sure you are asking her questions and interviewing her to make sure she is worth your time as well because you?re a boss and not her bitch.

Going in for the Kiss

At a certain point the night is going to end?

You?re going to walk her to her Uber, cab, apartment, door of the restaurant?


At this point she is going to tell you whether or not you?re in the RedZone.

She probably wont just say it, but if we know what signs to look for then we?ll know.

Right before you guys part ways SHE IS GOING TO DO ONE OF TWO THINGS?

She is either going to stall?

Which is a clear indicator that she is waiting for you to make a move and it?s time to take that shot?

?Or she is going to get the hell out of there as quickly as possible?

If she says hey that was cool I?ll call you sometime and just hops in the Uber then she isn?t interested and you?ll know because she will try to avoid giving you any opportunity to take your shot.

It will feel awkward if you tried and you?ll know that it would feel forced if you tried to go for a kiss.


You are in there my good friend.

Stalling may manifest itself as a her talking about how much fun she had that night or how she?d really like to do it again sometime.

She will make herself close to you and be looking in your eyes?

Maybe licking her lips?

Maybe touching your hand or your arm?

If you?re still having any doubts, then you can once again break the touch barrier by taking her hand and pulling her close?

Ask her if she trusts you and extend your hand to her?

If she takes your hand and looks you in the eye with anything other than a ?you might be crazy please don?t kiss me? face?

Then take your shot and go in for the kiss!

If she takes the kiss then a really good tactic is to tell her, ?Text me when you get home then??

And leave it at that?

This will give us a mysterious persona as well as making us not seem desperate or needy.

It will be like we expect her to hit us back and this way we will put the ball in her court and be nonchalant about it?

If you played your cards right, you wont hear back from her right away because she?s going to be calling or texting her girlfriends telling them about how amazing the date was so just hang in there and she?ll get back to you.


Pro Tips

  • Dude please keep gum on you. Fruity or minty is good.? Make sure you are fresh when you go in for the kill but pop the gum before you are at the end of the night.? This way you won?t seem like you have expectations of a kiss.? A HUGE indicator is if you pop some gum toward the end of the night and she asks you for a piece.? This is a good sign that she is hoping you?re going to take your shot and she doesn?t wanna have funk mouth when you do.
  • At the end of the night when you guys are parting ways, she is fiddling with her keys or licking her lips or looking at your lips then for the love of God take your shot. She?s practically begging for it.? No need to say anything else just kiss the girl.


  • On my first date with my current girlfriend I asked her if she minded if I hit the carwash before I took her home. She thought this was sort of odd, but I had read the signs during the date and I knew she wanted it.? I told her that I loved car washes because it made me feel like I was going through a space portal and I needed to wash it anyway.? She agreed which indicated that she was hoping for more (stalling).? When we were inside the automatic carwash I said, ?Can I ask you a serious question??? I said this to disarm her because at that point she was preparing herself to hear something crazy, so it made what I was going to ask her seem like not as big of a deal.? ?Do you want to kiss me as bad as I want to kiss you right now??? She smiled and didn?t say anything. I took her by the neck and we made out for the rest of the carwash and she invited me inside when I took her home.? Needless to say, I stayed the night and sealed the deal.? Do with that what you will.

Stay thirsty my friends,



Simple Trick Tells You if a Girl Wants You to Kiss Her

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Here is a simple and innocent move that will instantly tell you if you're in the friend zone, or if she's waiting for you to kiss her.

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