How To Avoid A ‘Poison Drip’ In Your Relationships

Your worst nightmare come true

The ?poison drip? is a subtle cancer that slowly kills relationships, leaving the victims as a shell of their former selves.?

It turns romances toxic and fills partners with resentment. It saps men?s charisma and ruins their progress in all areas of life. Worst of all, it?s not easy to spot and even harder to tear away from.

If you want your romantic relationships to thrive, it?s crucial to be able to identify and avoid it.

Read on to learn how…

What is a poison drip?

A poison drip is a subtle form of manipulation designed to slowly ruin someone?s self-esteem. It?s practiced by insecure men and women to prevent their partners from leaving them. The idea is to drag them down so they don?t have the confidence to find anyone better.

This isn?t the occasional nag when you forget to take out the trash. It?s constant digs at your personality, efforts to discourage you from bettering yourself, attempts to establish dominance of the relationship.

Ever been:

  • putz-shamed?
  • told you?re ?getting lucky? when she agrees to sex? ?
  • talked out of going to the gym or spending time with your friends?

This is the poison drip in action…

Men poison drip women in different ways. It also happens within families and the workplace. In each case, the perpetrator is an insecure person trying to prevent someone from rising above them.

Here, we?ll focus solely on the female-on-male variety.

Why do women poison drip their partners?

Poison dripping can be accidental. It can be subconscious. Sometimes women criticise their man because they think it will motivate him to change.

However, it can also be highly deliberate.

Insecure women practice this because they think it?s the only way to stop you straying. It?s common among with women with personality disorders, such as borderline personality disorder or manic depression.

Rather than being happy they bagged a partner who they perceive is better than them, a poison-dripper is overly paranoid about losing you.

She?ll try and make you LESS charismatic. LESS fit. LESS social. LESS ambitious. She doesn?t want you to become a better man, because (in her eyes) this increases the chances of you upgrading her.

Why are poison drips so difficult to avoid?

This emotional abuse can be so subtle that it?s hard to catch. Abusers can be intelligent. They?ll act like the perfect princess when they need to, then bring you crashing back down to earth.

Maybe you?re thinking you?d never accept that. Hopefully, you?re right.

But what if you?re someone who struggled with loneliness for years? What if the first few years of your relationship were perfect? What if you?re now committed to moving in together?

What if you?re someone who struggled with approach anxiety and hated being single?

What if you?ve already convinced yourself that you?ll never find someone as perfect at this woman?

Maybe your dad was always putz-shamed by your mum and you think this is what a relationship is supposed to be like.

Suddenly, it becomes clear why so many men stay in these toxic relationships.

What happens if you remain in a poison-dripped relationship?

One scenario is you stay with an insecure woman who putz-shames you forever? The woman remains bitter that she?s with such a pushover and the poison-dripping inevitably gets worse over time. Humans tend to misbehave as much as others will let them. Emotional abuse may turn into physical abuse if you allow it. ?

The other option is: after beating you down to the most pathetic beta version of yourself, she leaves you. Now you?re stuck having to navigate the dating market with a broken heart, no self-esteem and no social skills.

Choose your poison…

With the latter option, there?s at least an opportunity to rebuild your life. However, exiting the situation is clearly the best option. ?

How to avoid a poison drip in your relationships

The simple answer is: become an alpha male.

The type of guy with great self-belief, abundance in his dating life and strong boundaries for who he keeps around him.

It?s no mean feat transforming from a weakling who lets women walk all over him. You?ll have to unlearn a lot of bad habits. You?ll have to take a lot of action that makes you uncomfortable.

Still, this will give you the strength to address a potential poison drip as soon as it comes up. You?ll be able to sit your partner down and calmly explain that she overstepped a boundary, without any fear of how she reacts.

It?s important to reinforce what you love about being with her, both during this feedback and throughout the high points of your relationship. This may calm any insecurities she has about the partnership and prevent further poison drips in the future.

If she learns her lesson, you can continue on in a healthier relationship. If she doesn?t, you?ll have no choice but to send her packing.

There are so many advantages to becoming the alpha-male who isn?t afraid to walk away from unhealthy situations.

It will not only give you the strength to avoid toxic relationships. It?ll also make you far more attractive to emotionally healthy women.

For the full story of how I overcame a ?poison drip? relationship, learned to enjoy being single and became a stronger man, see my book The Thrill Of The Chase.

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