The Secret to Meeting College Girls

How to Get Girls From the Dining Hall to Your Dorm Room

College is a pretty amazing place?

I often reminisce on those days?

All the beautiful girls?

?Football games?

?House parties?

?People crying in the library during finals week at 11 o?clock at night?

Good times?Good times?


If you are anything like I was in college then it isn?t all threesomes and ABC parties?

?ABC parties are ?anything but clothes? parties?

If you haven?t been to one then go find one while you can.

College campuses are a perfect place to meet women and hook up if you know what you?re doing?

But it can also be a great place to never get noticed, pick up some life crippling debt in student loans and have a dry dick?

Nobody wants to leave college without some awesome hookup stories and that doesn?t just go for the fellas?

The ladies are trying to live their best life in college as well so don?t think I?m just trying to prey on young girls and their naivety?

?Ladies know what?s up?

This one tactic turned my entire college career around?

?From beating my meat into a crunchy sock in my dorm room when my roommate was in class?

?To putting the ?do not disturb sock? on the doorknob so my roomy knew not to come in while I was studying anatomy with my study buddy from calculus?

I keep it real guys?Sorry not sorry.



Ok so if college and all of its beautiful women have been eluding you, I?ve got a tip that can help?

?I gave it a cool ass name to help you remember so let?s dive right in.


The Johnny Appleseed.

(Feel free to tell your friends about the Johnny Appleseed just make sure you tell em Van coined the name…Your welcome in advance)

Quick context in case you don?t know.? Johnny Appleseed is a tall tale about a dude who went around the country planting apple seeds everywhere he went and that?s why we have apple trees all over?



If you see a pretty girl by herself in the dining hall, the library, the student center, the dorm?

?Literally anywhere because women are everywhere on campus?

You walk up to her and say?

?Rachael? Is that you?!?

?You gotta say it like she?s an old childhood friend who you haven?t seen in years.? Like you?re surprised to see her here?

?Check it out dude?

?Her name probably isn?t Rachael?

It really doesn?t matter what you say here.? Say any name you want.

She will probably say no and when she does, you say?

?Damn I?m so sorry I thought you were someone else.? I feel dumb.? My name is Van?

(hold your hand out to shake hers).

?What?s your name??

?She will shake your hand and tell you her name because she?s still trying to figure out what the hell is going on?

Then you say?

?Well (whatever her name is) at least we?re not strangers anymore.? Hopefully fate will bring our paths together again?.

?And then you walk the fuck off and don?t look back?

THEE MOST IMPORTANT PART IS do not forget her damn name?

You better get good with faces or write it down or something because you will see her again?

?and when you do you say?

?Hey (whatever her name is) do you remember me?? Looks like fate smiled on us after all. (are you headed to class?, mind if I eat with you, mind if I walk with you, wanna study sometime?)?.

Make sure you remembered her name and SAY HER NAME WHEN YOU SEE HER.

Don’t be surprised if she remembered yours because you’ve probably been running through her head this whole time.

Use this opportunity that ?fate? bestowed upon you both to ask for her number so you guys can “study sometime”?

Everybody in college has to study sooner or later so no matter what girl you meet, you can always use that as a good reason to hang out or ask for her number?

I have gone to hang out with so many girls in college ?to study? and just ended up banging?

?They know what?s up?



Instead of walking up to her with the fake name thing, just walk right up to her even if she?s with her friends and say?

?Excuse me.? My name is Van (Hold out your hand for her to shake it) what?s your name??

?Well (whatever her name is) I just wanted to tell you that you?re beautiful and I hope you have an amazing day.? Hopefully fate will bring our paths together again sometime?.

?And then walk the fuck off same as the beginner level?

I?ve had a lot more success with this because it shows a lot more confidence.

The trick is that you leave her speechless because you walk right away and don?t look back and she has no idea what to say?

You?re the mysterious man that she?ll be thinking about until she sees you again.


That is so key to the whole thing.

The idea with the Johnny Appleseed is that you plant these little seeds around campus and sooner or later you?ll run back into them to taste the fruits?

This is a perfect way to meet girls on campus and avoid the friendzone because you?ve already established that you think she?s hot and came across with confidence.

Maybe if you guys really like this article I?ll write a follow-up about how to seal the deal.

Until then?


Pro Tips:

  • College is thee best place to meet women. Use this time in your life to meet as many women as possible because once you graduate, you?ll have to be a little more creative to find quality women out in this world.


  • You can always get a girl?s number in any of your classes just by asking if she wants to study sometime. It?s either one of two things: either you?re smarter than her in the subject and you can offer to help her, or she is smarter than you and you can ask her if she would be willing to help you with something because ?teaching something is the best way to learn it?.? Keep pluggin big fella.? These are your golden years.


Stay thirsty my friends,


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