3 Signs That a Woman is Attracted to You

How To Tell if She’s Into You

When you meet a woman and you are spending time with her, it?s not always obvious if she?s feeling you or not?

It?s always in the back of your mind the whole time?

?Is she even into me?…

?Am I just wasting my time?…

?Am I on my way to the friendzone?…

These questions can haunt us if we don?t know the signs to look for.

And nothing is worse then investing a bunch of time and effort into a woman who isn?t even interested.


The good news is there are a few telltale signs that women can?t help but to show when they?re attracted.

?As usual?




Don?t waste your fuckin time!

First of all, it?s never good to waste your time with a woman you are interested in if you don?t have a plan?

I?m not saying that if she isn?t interested in dating us that we should just never talk to her again?

?We could always hack the friendzone?

?We can still make friends with her and try to date her female friends?

There is still a lot we can do but we NEVER WANT TO SPIN OUR WHEELS and waste time trying to attract a girl who isn?t interested.

Here are 3 ways to know that the girl we?re talking to is interested in being more than just friends


She maintains eye contact.

They say that the eyes are the window to the soul and this is a great way to tell if she?s felling us.

When a woman is staring into your eyes when you are talking to her then she is indicating that she is interested?

?She can?t help but to stare?

?If she is leaning in when we are talking to her?

?She wants to be closer?

What she is telling us is that she is feeding off us and wants more?

Often times, when she is maintaining deep eye contact, it?s because her mind is wandering?

Her subconscious mind is playing through fantasies and different scenarios that involve us and she is connecting on a deeper level?


Sometimes if a girl is shy then she won?t feel comfortable maintaining eye contact because she is afraid of you thinking she is staring too hard.

If she is the shy type, a sign that she will show interest is by making eye contact and then diverting her gaze?

Usually, people who are shy will divert their gaze down to the ground so if we see this, it?s a possible indicator that she is interested but is just too shy to show her interest?

THIS IS A GREAT INDICATOR OF INTEREST because if she obviously cares about what we think of her?

If she wasn?t interested in us then she wouldn?t care what we thought?


She is laughing a lot.

Women laugh a lot for one of three reasons?

?Either she?s laughing because we?re actually funny as fuck?

?She?s laughing because she is showing interest and wants to give positive reinforcement?

?Or she is nervous because she?s attracted to us?

Many people laugh when they get nervous and if we are making her nervous then it?s probably because she is attracted to us and doesn?t want to fuck it up?

?Or it?s because she thinks we?re creepy as fuck and might try to kill her?

?If it?s the latter then we it should be obvious that we are creeping her out?


?simple as that?

Laughing a lot is a great indictor because women like to be around people who make them happy.

If we can keep her laughing, then we?re making her happy and she will want to continue spending time with us?


Continuous physical contact.

This is probably the best and most obvious indicator of interest?

If a woman is touching us then she is showing us that she wants to get closer to us?

?on multiple levels?

When a woman is breaking the touch barrier then she is trying to tell us she is attracted?

?This could be playfully punching us on the arm?

?touching our hand or arm?

?Really any physical contact at all that she initiates is showing us that she is comfortable?

If she is initiating physical contact, then the best way to test it is to give some back and see how she responds?

If she continues to give it back then just keep slightly one-upping the physical contact.

Woman can be hard to read but there are a few things that they can?t help but to do that show us they want us?

Keep an eye out for these signs so you know when you?re wasting your time?

?Nothing is worse than getting shut down because you kept feeding into a loss?

?If she?s not feeling it then move on to the next?



Pro Tips!

  • If a woman doesn?t text back right away that does not mean she isn?t interested. It could be that she isn?t interested but let?s face it, you wouldn?t have her number if she wasn?t interested.? When women seem stand offish then the last thing you want is to seem needy.? What we want to do in this situation is mirror her behavior.? What I mean by that is if she takes a long time to text back then you do the same.? She might not be interested but this way you won?t seem needy and desperate.? If she?s attracted, by letting off the gas a little bit, it will force her to have to pursue you a little bit and then we?ll know that she?s actually interested.


  • If you are starting to feel like she isn?t interested, then the best thing you can do is start showing a lack of interest in return. Like I said in the beginning, we don?t want to waste our time.? That shit is precious.? One of two things will happen.? Either she will start getting some act right because she?s interested, and she sees we?re slipping away.? Or she really isn?t interested and will continue to show a lack of interest.? Some women like to play games and will intentionally be stand offish because they want you to chase them.? I don?t personally indulge in these childish games because I?m a grown ass man.? There are too many beautiful women out there for me to look like some thirsty desperate ass hat and chase one.


Keep cookin fellas,

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