!!STOP CHASING WOMEN!!…Make Them Chase You

How to Make the Woman do All the Work on the Date

It seems like now a days if you?re not a rich celebrity and you want to get a girl, then you?as the man? are going to be doing all the leg work?

When is the last time you had a beautiful woman approach you and ask you out on a date?

We must be the ones to charm the girl and try to convince her to go on a date, sleep with us, etc?


?What if you could flip the script and instead of being the one chasing, YOU could be the one in charge.

What if you could turn every date with a woman into a sort of job interview where SHE IS THE ONE TRYING TO CONVINCE YOU that she is worth your time?

What if at the end of the date she is the one making the pitch to you for another date or inviting you to her house instead of you having to make the move?


The truth is that you don?t have to play the role of the pursuer as long as you play your cards right.

From the moment you first meet a girl to the time you close the deal you can position yourself to be the person of highest value in the interaction.



A wise man said that every conversation has a winner and a loser.

The same goes for dating.? One person is going to hold the position of power and the other is going to be pursuing them.

Usually?since women have all the pussy capital in the world?the man is the one trying to pursuit her to convince her to share some of her pussy capital with him.

YOU MUST establish your position as the person with the quality or value in the interaction or else she will become the person in charge.


Start with these two things in mind?


FIRST OF ALL keep in mind that there are roughly one gazillion women on this planet so no matter how hot, smart, sexy, popular, or successful she is; no matter what flavor you think her booty might be?

?There are other women out there who have those same qualities.

This is super important because if you treat her like anything that she has is irreplaceable then she will have all the bargaining chips.

SECONDLY your time is valuable so the fact that you?ve chosen to spend it with someone is meaningful.

Now don?t be an asshole about it.

DO NOT make her feel like you?re the king of somewhere important but understand that your time is important.

We don?t waste our time on people who don?t deserve it.

If at any time in the date she says something that you don?t agree with don?t hesitate to make it known?



Set the Stage

From the very beginning we make our intentions clear?

Say something like, ?I think you?re attractive but beautiful faces are a dime a dozen, so I?d like to take you out and get to know you better?.


We didn?t ask her on a date.? We told her what we wanted.

We didn?t tell her she?s so beautiful that we?d love to take her out.? We told her that there are beautiful women everywhere so we wanna see what else she has to offer.

We have established ourselves as someone who is not interested in just anyone and at that point she is going to be able to prove herself to you?

Think of this as a job interview but instead of her interviewing you for whatever sexual position you?re hoping to get into?


So she needs to pitch her value to you and prove she?s worth it?


Owning the Interview

Remember there is always a winner and a loser so on the date, BE IN COMMAND?

Say something like this:

?Ok so serious question?Are you a dog person or a cat person?? By the way there is a right and a wrong answer.?


We asked a question and posed it in a way that is putting her in the hot seat.

No matter what her answer is, you are in charge here?

If you both like dogs, then you now have something in common and you can tell her how much you love dog people?

If she likes cats, then you should probably get up from the table or wherever you are and never talk to her again?

?I?m just kidding but I hate cats and I think cat people are weird?

If her answer doesn?t coincide with yours then you can push back a little bit and give her more motivation to prove herself?

?Oh no! You?re not some crazy cat lady are you?!?



Show her What You Want

Ask her leading questions so it kind of feels like she is pursuing something you have?

If there are a gazillion women in the world and you don?t waste your time then you want to be sure that she has something to offer you?Right?…

Ask her if she does things that you like to do but make sure they are fun things?

Things like hiking, biking, eating snacks, traveling, playing with puppies, etc?

Do not ask her if she likes to play Call of Duty?

If it turns out that she does love Call of Duty and so do you that?s great but definitely don?t lead with that?

At some point the date will end and as long as you maintained your position you?ll get to make the call?

?I really enjoyed hanging out and I?d like to do it again sometime.? Let?s go (hiking, biking, eating snacks, traveling, playing with puppies, etc.) sometime soon.?

OR EVEN BETTER if you feel like she doesn?t have what it takes to use your time then you can just PUT HER IN THE FRIENDZONE.

Either way, you are the boss now.


Pro Tips

  • I was on a date with a beautiful girl back in college and about halfway through dinner I realized that I didn?t want anything to do with her. She was nice but we had nothing in common.? I told her at the beginning of the night that I had a couple things planned but after dinner I told her that I didn?t see this going anywhere and I didn?t want to waste her time, but we could still be friends.? I ended the date on the spot and took her home.? The moral of the story is don?t be afraid to posture up.? If you seem needy then she?ll play you like a fool.
  • If someone tell you that you can?t do something, what?s the first thing you want to do? PROVE THEM WRONG.? Create that feeling for her by giving little jabs in the interview and she won?t even realize she?s trying to convince you to choose her.

Stay thirsty my friends,



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