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How to TURN HER ON In the First Two Seconds of Meeting Her

Make the Perfect First Impression and Have Her Hooked From the Start

First Impressions are important?

?More important than anything we do afterward even?

?Especially with a woman you are trying to date?

Because if you make a bad first impression then it?s going to stick with you?

?You?ll spend the rest of the time just trying to change her mind?

?And more than likely, the best-case scenario is you redeem yourself but it?s a lot harder to get things going if you start off on the wrong foot.

There was a Harvard study that gave people ONLY TWO SECONDS of a video showing a professor?

?The people had never met the professor?

?They were then asked to make a judgement about who the professor was and what her was like?


All the people described the professor the same way as the students who had been taking his class for an entire semester.


?So, what does this teach us? ?

This means that we can either paint an awesome picture of ourselves?

?or a shitty picture of ourselves?

?In the first two seconds of meeting a girl and that picture is going to stay in her head the rest of the time she knows us.


Let?s make sure we get it right.




How to make the perfect first impression and have her hooked in two seconds.

As soon as we meet a girl we?ve got to start off on the right foot or else we?ll be fighting an uphill battle for the rest of the time?

?We don?t want to come across as unconfident, uncomfortable, or insecure?Right?

?We want to come across as cool, confident, and badass!

There are three easy things we can do when we first meet a girl.

THESE ARE PSYCHOLOGICAL PRINCIPLES that work on her mind so she is already wanting more the first time she lays eyes on us.


First thing!

When you first meet her whether you see her at a bar or somewhere and are getting ready to approach her?

?Or you met online and now you?re meeting up with her in person?

?Or Whatever the case may be?


I know this sounds clich? but LET ME EXPLAIN.

When we first meet a woman, she is taking in all the information she can about us just like that Harvard study proved.

If we even divert our gaze for a split second, she is going to read that as a lack of confidence.

So when we first lay eyes on her?

?We keep our eyes on her?

Look her in the eyes and don?t break it dammit.

?This is the only chance we have to make a first impression?


Second thing!

Make physical contact!

?I?ve talked about the importance of breaking the touch barrier and if we don?t do it early?

?We are setting ourselves up for failure later?

By breaking the touch barrier right off the bat we are showing her that we are comfortable and this will set the stage for physical contact later?

If we all of a sudden start trying to break the touch barrier later on in the night, IT IS GOING TO FEEL FORCED AND UNCOMFORTABLE?

We don?t want that at all.? We want all the touching for the rest of the night to feel natural?

?So start now!…

This could be as simple as going in for a hug instead of a handshake?

?Put your hand on the small of her back as you lead her into someplace?

The key is to set the tone early.


!!!Last and most importantly!!!

Do you know why women love puppies?

?I mean everyone loves puppies but there is something that puppies do that make people fall in love with them?

When a puppy lays on its back and spreads out, what do women do?


?Every single time?

Now I?m not saying you should lay on the floor, stick your arms out and try to get some belly rubs?

?Although if you pull that off let me know because that shit is gold?

What I?m saying is that when we open ourselves up to women with our posture?


They feel invited in and want to get closer?

The alternative is if we have closed posture that is not inviting.

?This is going to turn her away and any physical contact we make is going to make her feel like she needs to go wash her hands afterward?

?Not what we want at all?


Approach her with your chest out!

Your chin up!

Making eye contact!





Do not forget to smile.

I know it sounds crazy but if we have a million things going through our minds because she?s hot?

?We want to make a good impression?

?Does our breath smell?

And all this other shit, it can be easy to forget.

WE DO NOT WANT to have our hands in our pockets, our shoulders slumped, looking at the ground or at the hot girl behind her across the street.


?Focused on only her?

?Smiling warmly?

?And overloading her brain with all the images that we are hot shit?


Pro tips!

  • When I hug a girl for the first time, I like to put my hand on the back of her head and hold her close to my neck or chest. Now this is assuming that she is at least slightly shorter than me.? Most ?first hugs? are an awkward side hug, or just a regular hug around her shoulders.? By just putting one hand on the back of her head and hugging her face against my chest, this does a lot of things.? First it makes her feel small in my embrace and makes me feel much bigger to her.? It also allows her to take in all my masculine smells and pheromones.? (Obviously we are showered and wearing clean clothes if we?re meeting a woman for the first time) Plus, it is a more intimate embrace than just a regular hug.? This is the same way she would rest her head on my chest if we were laying in bed together after some hot sex.? The small things make a big difference.


  • Women will paint a permanent mental image of our entire existence based on how we smell. If we smell like sweaty ball sack and armpits, then she will not be fantasizing about us when we?re gone.? If we smell like freshly washed manly man and dryer sheets, then she is going to be intoxicated by it; fantasizing about that smell the morning after.? Scent is the strongest sense tied to memory so make sure she remembers you as the spartan king and not the sweaty ball sack guy.


Keep cookin fellas,

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This free training course shows you how to finally break free of your “nice guy” habits ruining your sex life.

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