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75% of Women Around the World Agreed This One Thing Turns Them on

The Key to Attracting Women Anywhere in the World

I found a study the other day that had surveyed women from different countries all over the planet.

The study was looking at what different things women found attractive in men?

?The world is vast and diverse though?

Cultures are different everywhere you go and so are a lot of different customs?

As a result, the characteristics that women find attractive in men were all across the board.

?Some places women prefer men to be more ASSERTIVE AND AGGRESSIVE?

?Other places they liked it when men were POLITE AND GENTLE?

?In some spots, WEALTH WAS THE BIGGEST thing that women focused on when choosing a man?

?It ranged to pretty much anything you could think of?


There was one thing that 75% of the women agreed that they found attractive?




What do most women on the planet agree turns them on???

75% of women agreed that a HUGE TURN ON for them is when a guy can speak another language or has an accent?

!!!NOW WAIT!!!

Before you get discouraged because you?ve been taking Spanish half your life and can?t even count to 10?

?Do not click away?

If I just left you with that then I?d be pretty shitty at giving dating advice?

?You should know me better than that?

If you?re anything like me, you can only speak one language and it?s not even considered a sexy one?

?The TOP THREE MOST ATTRACTIVE LANGUAGES by the way were French, Italian, and Spanish?

If your determined to learn or you grew up speaking one of those languages then you can run with that?

?But the truth is that there?s WAY MORE TO IT than just speaking another language?


Let?s break it on down!

What is really going on here has less to do with the language and more to do with the image?

?Realistically, you could speak a foreign language to a girl all day?

?And she won?t have a fucking clue what the hell you?re talking about?

?She may or may not fuck you though?

I went to Cancun with a female friend and she met a guy from Quebec?

In case you didn?t know, they speak French there?

?He could hardly speak English at all, and they could barely communicate?

What ended up happening is they stopped trying to talk to each other?

?And just started fucking each other?

She spent the entire week blowing this guy from Quebec and doing all sorts of freaky unspeakables?


It had very little to do with the language he spoke. She had no idea what the hell he was saying anyway.

She told me that it was how exotic he was that drove her crazy.

For her he was like this delicious new flavor of candy that the world had never seen before?

She had never been to Quebec before?

?Probably never even been to Canada?

It was the mystique about him that brought her to her knees?literally.


So here?s the gold nugget.

The way that anyone can get this to work in their favor?is to add some flavor.

The language is just a way of showing that you are different, but it isn?t the only way.

Since we?ve decoded the effect, the mechanism is irrelevant as long as we can make ourselves appear as exotic.

What I mean by that is that it was the cultural variety that women go for and not necessarily the language.


Anything we can do to create originality in the culture of our persona, will work for us to attract women.

This could be a variety of things?

?For example?

Knowing a certain cultural dancing style that she?s not familiar with?

?Maybe salsa, tango, Irish riverdancing, the dougie, Russian?whatever Russian dances there are?

Cooking or at least knowing enough about a cultural food to teach her some shit?

Maybe you?re not the best chef but you know the RIGHT WAY to each sushi that is how they do it in Japan?

?She didn?t know about because she?s uncultured?

Everybody loves food so this is a good one.

Even if you?ve just spent time in another country and it changed the way you view life?

Talking about that can be a great inroad and create more mystique and cultural flavor.

The trick to the cultural differences is there is no way that she will ever truly understand?

?She wasn?t raised that way, in that country, speaking that language, etc?

?This gives us an unsolvable mystery to our character?

?And I?ve said it many times before?


Use cultural differences to become mysterious?

?You?ll keep her guessing and she?ll keep chasing?


Pro tips!

  • Everybody has unique characteristics. If you?re thinking that you?re just a plain old regular dude then here?s a trick you can use. Go after women who are a different race or ethnicity than you are. If you?re having trouble finding things about you that are unique, go find a woman who is unique. You?ll want to focus on the things that make you two different in the same way we talked about above. On that same spring break trip to Cancun, I slept with three women from other counties who I couldn?t understand just because I was American. Whatever your nationality, find a girl who?s different.


  • Duolingo is a free app you can get on your phone. If you?re determined to learn another language, this app is great and there are a bunch of languages on there. You won?t become fluent in a few days but even if you can learn enough to just talk dirty a little bit, you?ll get a better response saying it in her language. The app also has a ?flirting course? for some languages that teaches you some smooth things to say to the honeys.


Keep cookin fellas,


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