How To Get A Girl Who Is ‘Out Of Your League’

You can’t trick women into dating downwards

If you’re wondering how to get the woman you believe is ‘out of your league’, here’s the bad news.

You DON’T.?A woman doesn’t want to date anyone who sees himself as beneath her.

There is no secret method to trick a woman who you think is better than you. The Mystery Method?might promise this, but any half-intelligent woman will eventually see through your canned lines and routines.

However, that doesn’t mean you can’t get that ‘perfect 10’.

It’ll just require a few shifts to your attitude and behaviors.

What makes her out of your league?

Women are most commonly described as ‘out of someone’s league’ when they are more physically attractive than the man in question.

Perhaps you’ve considered approaching a woman, but ultimately decided that there’s no point because she’s ‘out of your league’.

Anyone who thinks this way has a fundamental misunderstanding about how female attraction works.

Your appearance plays a role, but there are several characteristics which a woman values more. Assertiveness. Charisma. Confidence. Groundedness. Humour. Intelligence. Leadership skills. These are the traits that make a truly attractive man.

If you have all of these, who’s out of whose league? If you don’t believe you have enough to even speak to a beautiful stranger, you’ve got work to do. These five tips on boosting your self-esteem are a great place to start.

How to get the girl

Regardless of your self-image, approach her anyway.

The only way to overcome approach anxiety and become more comfortable around beautiful women is to speak with them.

You don’t need clever lines or flashy routines. You shouldn’t pander to her or put on a song and dance. Just treat her like any other woman. That’s enough for you to communicate that ‘she’s in your league’.

It sounds simple, but so few men can act this way that it’ll be enough for you to stand out.

Once you’ve got her attention, take the appropriate steps to stay in contact or pull her home.

Sometimes, she will be out of your league

Perhaps you’ll approach that woman and she’ll be doing much better in life than you. Maybe she’s a doctor, lawyer or a fashion model being flown around the world in private jets.

That doesn’t mean you can’t be the one to show her the best time in that moment. Women respond to emotions, more than logic. If you’re providing the most fun, she’ll often be drawn to you above anyone else.

Sometimes, you may lose out to someone who is richer and more successful than you. Maybe he’s more fun and charismatic too. Use these experiences as motivation to ‘climb the leagues’ by becoming better in these areas.

It’s often said that a man’s ‘sexual market value’ doesn’t peak until his forties and beyond. That’s because qualities like assertiveness, charisma, wealth etc should grow over time.

So, don’t fret if you can’t attract those top-class women at the moment.? If you continue to work on yourself, you’ll be batting in the major league before you know it.

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