How To Meet Women While Travelling

Your extensive guide to enjoying a holiday romance

The idea of meeting an exotic woman overseas can be exciting.?

Perhaps you feel more liberated to do so when you leave your home town and your old reputation behind.

In most major holiday destinations, it’s easy to find tourist girls in ‘party mode’ looking to do the same. There?s also likely to be plenty of local women who find you exotic and mysterious.???

On their own, these circumstances won’t transform you into a ladies man. Yet, if you’ve grasped the fundamentals of being an attractive man, it?s certainly possible to arrange a holiday romance or two.???

However, you will need to be aware of the obstacles that can cause you to strike out overseas. There are several mistakes you can make on foreign soil that will ensure you head home without any new hook-ups to look back on.?????

Our guide will show you how to avoid these pitfalls and maximise your chances of meeting beautiful women during your travels.?

How to choose your holiday accommodation

If you’re going out to meet women at night, spend the extra cash for a room near the best bars and clubs. A simple Google Maps search of ?bars in ***? will show where they are. Many will be clustered in one part of the city. Search for accommodation in this region.??

This is the best thing you can do to increase the odds of hooking up. You?ll have more success pulling women to a hotel within walking distance than you will convincing them to jump in a late-night taxi. What?s more, you?ll be able to easily arrange dates in this part of the city. There?ll be plenty of bars and cafes nearby, and it?ll rarely prove too difficult for women to travel there.?

When hunting for somewhere to stay, don’t limit your search to hotels and Airbnb apartments. Some party hostels also offer cheap private rooms. Here, you get the bonus of sharing a home with tons of young fun-seeking women.???

Before booking a room, research your accommodation’s security policy. Are guests prohibited in your room after dark? Is there a security guard working on the front door? If so, it might not be an ideal place to stay. The booking websites usually have enough information about this for you to get a good idea of the protocol.?

Using online dating to meet foreign women??

Online dating apps are a great tool for quickly meeting women in a new country.?

You should research to discover which app is most popular in your new surroundings, although Tinder is relatively ubiquitous.?

In fact, Tinder Gold has a feature called ?Passport?, which allows you to manually switch your location, so you could potentially start organising dates before you jump on the plane.?

It’s worth adding your nationality to the top of your bio when you do this, as a lot of women will be attracted to the mystique of an overseas visitor.?

Events and attractions

If you’re looking to meet other travellers in the daytime, head to the most famous attractions. They?ll be swarming with tourists, who tend to be more open-minded to meeting new people when they’re on holiday. Alternatively, book a tour of the city. You’ll get to see all the hotspots, while giving yourself loads of time to get to know the other attendees.?

Most major cities have tourist-heavy bars that are packed every evening. The staff at your accommodation can point you towards these. Also, see if you can book yourself on a pub crawl. These tend to be wholly occupied by tourists, and it’ll allow you to quickly learn where the best party spots are.???

To discover the best places to meet local women, it may take a bit more research. If you’re a skilled daygamer, any shopping centre may suffice. However, there?s also likely plenty of events for locals who are looking to meet new people. Couchsurfing meet-ups, language exchange events or expat parties are a good place to start. You?ll find a whole list of events on or Facebook Events.

The best mindset for hooking up with women while travelling

When meeting a woman in your home town, there are many situations where you may decide to ‘play it safe’ by swapping contact details and arranging a date for the future. Perhaps you’ll spend a few days getting to know her over the phone and wait for the right moment to ask her out.?

However, when meeting women overseas, fortune favors the bold. After all, you’ll only be in the city for a limited time. Maybe she’s due to leave before you do! This is why you’re better off pursuing her more aggressively. Try harder to pull for a one-night stand or arrange a date for the same day. Perhaps you’ll lose some opportunities by being too aggressive, but you’re just as likely to miss out by being too patient and running out of time.?

A lot of women go on holiday with dreams of spontaneous adventure. Away from the judgmental gaze of their hometown peers, many take the opportunity to free themselves from their ‘good girl’ reputation, especially in party destinations like Las Vegas, Cancun, Ibiza etc. So, when you’re meeting female tourists, it’s best to encourage this spontaneous side. Ask if she’s an adventurous person. Invite her to try new activities. Be bold, and show you won’t judge her boldness. Adopt a ‘YOLO’ attitude and you can expect many tourist girls to do the same.??

However, with local women, this attitude can sometimes work against you. In countries where ‘sex tourism’ is rife like Ukraine, Thailand or Colombia, it’s common for classier locals to grill you on how long you plan to stay. If they conclude that you’re some tourist looking for a quick hook-up, many of these women will be instantly repelled. Dishonesty should never be encouraged, but if you are considering living in a country for a longer time, it’s worth mentioning this. If you can learn a few basic phrases of the local language, this will go a long way to helping these women open up.

Ultimately though, a fun guy with a carefree attitude can get a long way with the ladies overseas. Be the free spirit who?s ready to enjoy himself exploring his new surroundings, and there?ll usually be plenty of women ready to come along for the ride.

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