Where To Meet Older Women

Connecting with older single women is easy once you know where to find them

Older women can be amazing fun to date, but a lot of guys find it hard to meet them.

After all, the majority of attractive older women aren?t hitting the bars and nightclubs every weekend, and it can be difficult to match with them on mainstream dating apps like Tinder.

That doesn?t mean that your home town isn?t packed with sexy older single women.?

You just need to know where to find them.

This guide suggests six locations that can be great for meeting and seducing older women.?

Six great places to meet older women?

The six suggestions below can all be fantastic hotspots for meeting older women in your hometown.

#1 Events that older women tend to enjoy

Older women might not have the time nor the burning desire to be hitting the bars every weekend, but that doesn?t mean they never leave the house to let their hair down at all.?

If you?re looking to connect with older single women, you need to start thinking like one and attending the types of events they will enjoy…?

How about a latin dance class, a cooking class or a wine tasting event? Maybe a language exchange or a food festival??

You can browse websites like MeetUp, Eventbrite or Facebook Events to see what events are going on in your hometown, then get yourself down to those that older women are most likely to enjoy.?

#2 Cougar dating apps

There are dating apps designed especially for older women who want younger men.

By using these apps instead of traditional online dating services, you won?t have to waste your time swiping through younger women or older women who want to date someone their age.

The best thing about women on cougar dating apps is that they tend to be very forward. You can expect to match with a cougar and meet up without having to engage in too much pointless smalltalk.?

Make sure to choose your cougar dating app carefully though. There tends to be a lot more scam websites in the cougar dating niche.?

If you can afford it, online dating websites for wealthy singles can also be a hotbed for high-quality older women too.?

#3 Yoga classes

If you want an older woman who likes to keep in shape, a yoga class is a great place to meet one.

The great thing about yoga classes is that they tend to be more social than your typical gym, plus many of them are dominated by women.

Plus, the spiritual side of yoga tends to make women who enjoy it more open-minded.?

Strike up a light-hearted conversation before or after your class, and you?ll find most women are more than happy to talk with you.?

If you?re into golf or hiking, you may well find active older women at events surrounding these activities too.

#4 Cruises or island vacations

While you?re unlikely to find too many older women in party hotspots like Cancun or Ibiza, many like to vacation on cruises or quieter tropical beach locations.

If you want to hook up with older women on vacation, these types of trips are your best shot.?

#5 Could your friend’s parents hook you up?

Hooking up with your friend?s mom or your mom?s friends is probably a terrible idea, but maybe they have a friend who is single and lonely.

Why not ask? Women of all ages tend to feel more comfortable dating men who have been referred by a friend.?

#6 Out and about

The great thing about daygame is that you can meet all types of women.

Older women may have less time to donate to their social lives, but they?ll all leave the house to run errands occasionally.?

If you have the skills to smoothly start a flirty conversation with them, you?ll probably make their year!

After all, the chances are they?re not getting constantly hit up by guys online and at the bar, like younger women do.??

This is your chance to make her feel young again. So, go ahead and take it!?

How to attract older women if you’re a younger guy

Younger guys tend to overthink their strategy to attract older women.?

The truth is: older women are attracted to most of the same qualities as women in their 20s and 30s.?

Sure, there are some personality traits that older women tend to prefer more, but this doesn?t mean you should be altering your personality to impress them.?

Whenever you attempt this, it tends to backfire spectacularly. Older women are experienced enough to see through this facade straight away.?

A large proportion of older women who are attracted to younger men admire their youthful playfulness, exuberance and lust for life. So, there is no reason to hide these qualities. By doing so, you?ll probably be shooting yourself in the foot.?

Out of all the locations listed above, you?re best off choosing one that you also enjoy. That way, you?ll be far more likely to come across as a genuine sociable guy, rather than a creepy predator looking for old women to have sex with.

With that said, what are you waiting for!?

Get out there, be yourself and have fun mingling with these attractive older women.

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