How To Date A Cougar

Your handy guide to successfully dating cougars

Dating cougars can be a lot more enjoyable than hanging out with younger women, and it?s easier than you might think to pull it off.

Perhaps you currently think it?s too difficult to find an attractive older woman who is into younger guys???

Maybe you?re too closed-minded about the possibility that it could be amazing to date a woman like this??

Or is it that you?re not sure what you?d have to offer an older woman in a relationship?

All of these objections will be handled in the guide below.?

Read on to learn why it?s great to date a cougar, where to find them and how it?s different to dating younger women.?

Why date a cougar??

Here are some of the main reasons that younger guys love to date older women.?

  • Their personality. Older women tend to be more intelligent, interesting, confident and grounded. You can expect a cougar to be low-maintenance and less likely to create drama out of nothing.? ?
  • No expectations of marriage and kids. In many cases, she?s already been married and she?s too old to be expecting children. Now, she just wants to enjoy life alongside a cool guy.?
  • A better experience in the bedroom. Some men just prefer how older women look. These guys will argue that cougars have let go of all bedroom insecurities – and are down to have a wild time, all the time.?

Where to find a cougar

Let?s be honest, it?s not going to be easy finding a cougar on the dancefloor at your local drum-and-bass night or at a Bring Me To The Horizon concert (although if you do, she probably is into younger guys).

So, if you are actively looking for cougars, please be intelligent about it.?

You might have some success targeting older women during daygame or hanging out in bars aimed at older people – but even then, it is going to be a struggle finding single women who are also into younger guys. This isn?t a huge demographic.?

Honestly, your best bet is to search online. There are a lot of online dating websites, specifically for older women seeking younger men, and registering to these is surely one of the most time-effective ways to meet a cougar. Many online dating websites of this genre are scams – but some of the legitimate ones are a goldmine. After all, a lot of older women don?t have the time or desire to be mingling in bars and nightclubs, so they choose online dating as their primary means of meeting people. Indeed, many of the women on the best cougar dating websites are actually down to meet and get down to business (unlike a lot of mainstream dating apps).?

Alternatively, you might want to search for singles events for older people in your area. These can be found using online services like MeetUp, Eventbrite or Facebook Events. You can also check to see if matchmaking or speed dating companies in your area are hosting events for older people. Even if you don?t meet the suggested age range for these events, these are usually held in a public bar, so there?s nothing stopping you from dropping by.????

It?s a poor use of your time to go cougar-hunting in general society. Ultimately, you?ll have a lot more success finding one through platforms specifically designed for cougars.?

What to bear in mind when seducing a cougar

There aren?t too many differences between seducing a younger woman and an older woman. However, you may find that cougars are particularly attracted to certain traits.?

In most cases, their life experience has taught them to be direct and assertive, so you sure as hell better be acting this way if you want to seduce her. You?ll often find they have less patience for timid and uncertain behavior.?

Also, many cougars are particularly excited by men who are adventurous, social, charismatic, spontaneous and enthusiastic. A lot of them will have broken up with older men who lost this zest for life, which is why they are often so excited to date a man who still has this youthful energy about them. They want a man who makes them feel young again.?

Finally, if you?re actively trying to meet older women, you better prepare yourself to be shit-tested about the age gap. You?re going to be called a ?little boy? or ?old enough to be her grandson? etc. You just need to treat this like any other shit test. Laugh it off, show it doesn?t affect you, then move the seduction forward. It?s only a big deal if you make it one.?

Be the man – and enjoy yourself?

A cougar relationship can be hugely satisfying for both parties, if that?s what they?re both into. Sure, it?s not for everyone, but I wouldn?t knock it until you?ve tried it??

With that said, there?s no excuse not to provide the masculine force in the relationship.?

You need to be the leader, you need to be the most grounded, you need to be the one making decisions.

Many older women are wary of dating younger men, because most of them don?t have it in them to be that guy.??

Sure, there are some cougars who enjoy mothering their partner, but most older women still want a man who can take charge.

If you?re able to do that for her, she can use her added years of experience to show you a really good time.

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