How To Improve Your Social Skills Every Day

You can learn to be a charismatic playboy

Charisma is one of the most attractive qualities a man can possess, and it?s learnable!

You can be broke, short or ugly and still attract amazing women into your life, if you take the time to improve your social skills.

That?s because there?s nothing more important to a woman than how you make her feel.

If you can learn how to induce the right emotions inside a woman, she?ll often be yours for the taking.?

The thing is: so few men make an effort to work on their social skills.?

A lot of guys underestimate the impact that a bit of ?game? can have on the opposite sex. Instead, they choose to believe that women are only interested in tall, handsome rich men.?

This naivety is leading millions of men without good looks or wealth to desperately mediocre dating lives.

The seduction industry is based on the fact that men can learn to become infinitely more attractive to women. They just need to tweak how they behave around them.?

In this guide, you?ll learn four basic steps to improving your social skills and attracting more beautiful women into your life.?

Four steps to improving your social skills every day?

These four steps might sound simple, but they are honestly all you need to skyrocket your social skills to elite levels.?

Approach often

Whatever your social goal is, the secret to success is the same. Approach as much as you can.?

This is crucial whether you?re trying to make friends, sell products, get women into bed or anything else.

It?s the same as any skill; the more you practice, the better you get.?

That?s why they?re called social skills.

As simple as it sounds, this is the step that most people can?t get past. Because when you approach a lot of people, you?ll inevitably meet some who don?t want to talk. You?ll stumble into? embarrassing situations. You?ll receive some harsh rejections.??

It takes thick skin to regularly practice cold-approach, but the juice is worth the squeeze.?

Ultimately, you?ll learn that rejection is no big deal, no-one really cares what you?re doing, most of your excuses are BS and other valuable life lessons.

Learn from your mistakes

Few people are naturally skilled at cold-approaching.

Due to nerves or having no idea what to do, your first few approaches will probably fall flat.

That?s fine, provided you learn from your mistakes and get better.??

The most effective way to do this is to get help. You can pay for the services of a dating coach, who will push you into conversations with women, listen in and tell you how to improve next time. Failing that, you can try to find a wingman who is willing to offer feedback for free.

Dating coaches will often recommend you write down analyses of your interactions, listing what you did well and what you can do better in future. This helps to cement the lessons in your mind and prevent you from making the same mistakes again.

Escape your comfort zone

Fear is the number one factor that will prevent you from improving your social skills.

With every action you haven?t tried before, the nerves will return.

You must feel the fear and do it anyway.

With enough experience, you?ll expand your comfort zone and the scary situation will become normal.

In a dating context, you might initially be terrified to approach a woman sober during the daytime.???

Do this enough times and it?ll become less intimidating, but perhaps you?ll still worry about approaching women in groups.

What about if she?s standing with a man? What about the ?perfect 10? in the VIP section of the club? Or approaching in a busy coffee shop?

The solution to mastering all of these scenarios is to dive in. Perhaps you won?t succeed initially, but it?ll rarely be as scary as you expected.?

So, you?ll feel free to learn from your mistakes and do better next time, just like anything else. Before you know it, you?ll be a master.?

Then, you?ll have to learn to deal with women accusing you of being a ?player? or a ?fuckboy?. These are high-quality problems ;).

Staying sober is key for actually noticing the mistakes you make. More importantly, it?s crucial for improving your everyday confidence. Liquid courage doesn?t last, so stay away from the booze if you?re serious about making permanent improvements to your personality.?

Overcome your ego

A lot of men who understand that charismatic guys get laid still won?t take the steps needed to build their social skills. Their ego won?t let them.

They don?t want to get rejected by hundreds of women, even if it means sleeping with hundreds more.

They?re too proud to be taught something which society believes is supposed to come naturally to men.

Maybe you?re too embarrassed to take the steps listed above?

If so, the question to ask is: how badly do you want to date amazing women??

If you follow these steps consistently for a few months, you?ll be more competent with women than most dudes. Stick at it for a couple of years and you could be enjoying a dating life beyond your wildest dreams.?

Is that worth a bit of discomfort? Or would you prefer to keep the dating life you have now?

Because, unless you make lasting changes to your social skills, your levels of success with women will never improve.

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