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    Hooking Up With A Stripper – The Player’s Guide

    Because this is such a popular topic amongst dating coaches all over, it seemed natural that I should cover it as well. I honestly don?t know why so many guys are into strippers (p ...


    6 Reasons Why That Number Didn’t Turn Into A Date

    If you like to play the game a lot, every Monday morning you find yourself with a bunch of phone numbers that your scored during the weekend. When you?ve got them, you were probabl ...


    How To Rock Your Game In 2013

    Since the New Year is just around the corner I figured it would only be natural to make some sort of game plan for 2013. It won?t turn you into a player by the end of January but i ...


    Ten Roles A Player Can Portray

    The secret to being a really successful player relies in your ability to act differently and take on a variety of roles that fit best with your personality and surroundings. Your g ...


    Dealing with a Woman’s Excuses

    Women give us a lot of excuses. Most of the time, we don?t really have to care, but when the excuse is about not having sex, it immediately draws our attention. You see, being in a ...


    The 38 Rules That Define A Player

    Experience is what makes the player good at what he does. Over the past years, he?s done some of the most ridiculous stuff imaginable but, only by doing that was he able to eventua ...