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    Five Reasons Why Sex Isn’t Fair For Men

    img Posted June 29, 2010

    And What You Can Do About It In this article, I want to talk to you about something very important. I want to talk about how modern sexual relationships aren?t ?fair? for men, and ...


    How To Give Her G-Spot Orgasms

    img Posted June 22, 2010

    “Spirit Fingers” Teaches Some Tricks I first discovered this g-spot orgasm technique a LONG time ago, back when I was living in a house with five roommates. This was on ...


    The Instinct That Makes You A Sex God

    img Posted June 15, 2010

    How To Be A Sex God What separates a Sex God from a chump? Sexual skills, of course. But there is also something else…something more intangible. I call this intangible X Fact ...


    How To Ejaculate Like A Porn Star

    img Posted June 8, 2010

    How To Give Peter North A Run For His Money I can remember a while back, my girlfriend told me something that I thought was a little strange at first. She told me that MY orgasm wa ...


    Super-Charge Your Sexual Confidence

    img Posted June 1, 2010

    How To Fully Become A Sexual Being In a moment, how you can achieve rock-solid sexual confidence in ANY bedroom situation. But first, let me ask you something: Truthfully, have you ...


    How To Get More Blowjobs

    img Posted May 25, 2010

    Tips To Get Her To ?Go Downtown? Four years ago, I was in a pretty situation common to many guys. The rest of my sex life was pretty good, but getting my girlfriend at the time to ...


    What Annoys Women In Bed And How To Stop It

    img Posted May 18, 2010

    If you ever heard women talking about their sex lives, you know that they?ll often describe many things that guys do in bed as ?ANNOYING.? As you can probably guess, if a woman is ...


    You Won’t Believe What I Overheard Her Saying …

    img Posted May 11, 2010

    The Secret I Overheard Women Talking About You won?t believe what women will say about your sexual performance behind your back when they?re talking with their friends. I didn?t be ...


    Are You Dumb Enough To Give Her Orgasms

    img Posted May 4, 2010

    Disturbing but true fact: Intelligent guys typically suffer from MORE bedroom problems and dysfunctions than dumb guys. And dumb guys typically give women MORE orgasms. Why the hel ...


    A Jedi Mind Trick To Turn Her On

    img Posted April 27, 2010

    Here?s a really profound truth about sex that?s important for you to realize if you want to become great in bed: When most guys are trying to become better in bed, what they?re usu ...

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