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    “I Love New York” Tiffany Pollard Sex Tape Out

    img Posted January 14, 2008

    I’m not going to lie. I want to see it. Celebrity sex tapes are like crack for me. I’m infatuated. Half the time it doesn’t even matter whose in it. I have to see ...


    Lindsay Lohan is a Sex Addict

    img Posted December 26, 2007

    Apparently Lindsay as traded her coke addiction for a sex addiction. I’m all for girls having sex addictions. Where are the sexaholic meetings? Wouldn’t that be a great ...


    Jessica Alba’s Pregnant.. So Enjoy These Pics

    img Posted December 12, 2007

    These Jessica Alba bikini pics will be long gone in 9 months so relish them now.? Fan of her or not, you’ve got to admit Jessica Alba looks good in a bikini. Warren Cash must ...


    Paulina James Looks Like My Ex

    img Posted December 10, 2007

    Paulina James looks just like this girl Nikki I used to fuck. One of my simple pleasures in life in finding the porn star version of my girlfriends. Yes, they are out there if you ...


    Jennifer Love Hewitt Bikini Pics Prove One Thing…

    img Posted December 3, 2007

    Once you put a ring on a girl’s finger its all down hill. Jennifer Love Hewitt can complain all she wants about us bashing her body… blah blah blah… Hey, Bobby do ...


    Anna Anisimova Can Be My Billion Dollar Baby

    img Posted November 30, 2007

    Bobby needs to be taken care of and coddled by a hot super rich heiress. That is my new dream. Anna Anisimova scares me a little with her strong Russian features… but her dad ...


    Marisa Tomei Naked in “Before the Devil Knows Your Dead”

    img Posted November 29, 2007

    15 Years too late maybe? But Marisa Tomei naked was something I’ve been dying to see every since My Cousin Vinny way back when. So I was like a kid in a candy store watching ...


    Who’s the Hottest Hero?

    img Posted November 26, 2007

    As bad as this season has gotten at times I can’t help but watch. Maybe its because they loaded the show with hot chicks I’d like to bang. Tonight might be the last epi ...


    Daily Inspiration: Kellie Pickler in Prom Dress

    img Posted November 19, 2007

    Isn’t it crazy how one picture of someone can completely alter the desire in which you want to fuck them.? Kellie Pickler was just a dumb looking American Idol blonde until I ...


    I love New York 2 “20 Pack” AFC of the week

    img Posted November 2, 2007

    As Bobby might have mentioned on the past, I am a bit of a VH1 Reality freak so I decided to write a new section called AFC of the week, actually I was inspired. Watching these sho ...

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