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    A Primer on Irish Whiskey

    img Posted August 4, 2011

    After exploring bourbon and then the other whiskeys of North America, and because it seems like the supposed apex (Scotch) of this branch of alcohol should be saved until last, thi ...


    Alcohol Can Be Healthy for You

    img Posted August 3, 2011

    Many of us know all too well about the love-hate relationship we can have with alcohol. Gulping down a few beers before talking to a pretty girl can act as a social lubricant and g ...


    Wines of Santiago, Chile – Maipo Region

    img Posted July 14, 2011

    In the last travel essay involving wine, I explored the Mendoza region of Argentina and its eponymous capital city. Well, just five hours away by car is Santiago, Chile, the capita ...


    A Primer on North American Whisky

    img Posted July 7, 2011

    After exploring bourbon, I think it is logical to explore its North American brothers-in-arms, American and Canadian whiskys. What is Whisky? Unlike the more specific bourbon, Amer ...


    Must-Read: The Best Beers That Won’t Give You The Gut

    img Posted June 27, 2011

    Beer is delicious. We all know this. As Homer Simpson once said, “Beer: The problem and solution to all of life’s problems.” But it does not agree with the health ...


    Expanding your Beer Palate – Wheat Beers

    img Posted June 23, 2011

    Now that we have covered stouts, sour beers, IPAs and porters, it?s time to move to another type of beer you?re likely to find at your local watering hole: wheat beers. Normally ma ...


    Wine Travels – Argentina

    img Posted June 16, 2011

    What would compel you to fly halfway around the world? A good music festival? Good adventure? Good wine? Good deals? Well, you can find three of the four in Mendoza, Argentina, the ...


    Expanding Your Beer Palate – Porters

    img Posted June 2, 2011

    Since we?ve covered stouts, sour beers and IPAs, I figured it was time to move on to another favorite, an offshoot of stouts (or the other way around) the porter. History Porters a ...


    A Primer on Bourbon

    img Posted May 19, 2011

    It is that time of year again when urging something to go faster and faster, pound the turf and go down the?stretch (?) is part of the national sports scene. I wish I was talking a ...


    The Top 10 Female Friendly Beverages To Stock Up On

    img Posted April 6, 2011

    Drinking and women. They go together like buffalo wings and an ice cold brewski. Heck, I?ve been mixing the two since the days of passing around a jug of stolen chianti. I particul ...

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