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    The Bloody Affair: Sangria That Will Impress Her Pants Off

    img Posted June 4, 2009

    There are warm weather drinks and there are cold weather drinks, and while certainly you can drink whatever you want whenever you want, there is really a best time and place for ev ...


    National Geographic’s Hangover Helpers

    img Posted December 18, 2008

    Nat Geo has an interactive flash thiny that shows how different cultures cope with hangovers. If you’re getting ready to get mangled and break stuff for New Years you might w ...


    Make Alcohol in Your Dorm Room

    img Posted November 12, 2008

    Not 21? Can’t find an upperclassmen to score you booze for your next party? Just bored? Apparently it is extremely cheap and easy to make alcohol from sucrose. Somebody shoul ...


    Beer For Different Occasions

    img Posted November 10, 2008

    Beer ? a real mans drink. Wine Lovers out there will keep arguing that wine is stronger and more flavoursome, but we all know that beer is the real drink. The only problem we face ...


    Vote For Beer: The Most Arbitrary Election Guide You'll Read This Fall

    img Posted October 29, 2008

    I have some news for everyone, I know this is going to come as a shock since I've barely seen any coverage of it myself, but did you know that the presidential election is onl ...


    Three Rules to a Successful Bachelor Party

    img Posted October 20, 2008

    Having been through three bachelor parties and getting ready for my fourth I'm considered a grizzled veteran on the subject.? As a vet, one knows there area certain elements a ...


    Beginners Guide to Choosing Wine

    img Posted July 14, 2008

    Very few drinks carry the social implications that wine does. It is commonly ordered with dinner, brought to a house as a gift, or just guzzled while lying in your bathtub on a lon ...


    A Manly Guide to Choosing Your Drink

    img Posted June 30, 2008

    There is a dirty rumor in the pick-up community claiming it is better to stay sober when gaming women in bars and clubs. We can argue semantics… but I’ll just say you&# ...


    Now that being Green is cool…

    img Posted April 27, 2008

    There is a special place in my heart for indie hipster chicks. Aficionados of all things trendy it appears the green is the new black. Here’s a couple things I’ve come ...

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