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    Revisiting Brexit—Possible Consequences For Your Money and Career

    img Posted January 19, 2017

    On Tuesday, the British Prime Minister, Theresa May, announced the principles that would guide the Government as it negotiated the United Kingdom?s exit from the European Union. As ...


    How Paying Off Debt Can Improve Your Health

    img Posted February 25, 2016

    Nobody wants to owe the bank, but unfortunately that’s a position many of us face. Whether we needed some extra money to buy that house or car, or we’re still strugglin ...


    Three Lessons Every Entrepreneur Must Remember

    img Posted January 14, 2015

    Thinking of starting your own business? I remember being in a business college in the mid-2000?s and I was surrounded by eager, talented, and ambitious millennials who all were pla ...


    Budgeting Lessons From Fantasy Football

    img Posted December 18, 2014

    $465. That?s how much I paid to play in 3 fantasy football leagues this season. At this point, I?m fortunate to have all three teams in the playoffs competing for a total winning o ...


    Save Yourself From Your Cell Phone Bill

    img Posted June 18, 2012

    If you live in the suburbs, you need a car. If you have your own business, you need a website, if you own a home, you need an internet connection. Of all the must-haves of the mode ...


    The Best Cities to Party on a Budget

    img Posted June 13, 2012

    If they are in a certain tourist destinations, travelers are virtually required to visit those headlining attractions that are featured in every guidebook and every glossy travel m ...


    Don’t Get Played By the Credit Card Companies

    img Posted June 1, 2012

    Tricks and loopholes that you need to know about Rules enacted as part of the recent Credit Card Act have made credit cards a little more customer friendly.? Caps on various fees, ...


    Where to Find Powerful Computer Programs for Free

    img Posted May 23, 2012

    Computer software can be frustratingly expensive.? You can occasionally qualify for a “student discount” or find yourself in some other discount-earning demographic (or ...


    An Ode to Cash

    img Posted May 14, 2012

    Why Greenbacks are Still the Best Way to Pay It seems, sometimes, like cash is a dying form of payment.? At most retail outlets, credit and debit rule. There is even the promise of ...


    8 Tips for a Fatter Wallet in College

    img Posted May 10, 2012

    College is damn expensive. If you?re in college, chances are you?re going to wind up with a mountain of debt as it is. Help your future self out and be smart to save what money you ...

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