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    What to do about your thinning hair

    img Posted June 24, 2016

    Style tips for the balding guy You?re not bald. You?re balding. There is a big difference. A guy with a big shiny bald patch may as well shave off his remaining hair, but you want ...


    Trend: bleached hair on men

    img Posted April 8, 2016

    How to Nail the Peroxide Blond Look Justin Bieber and Zayn Malik have a lot in common. They are both young male singers with a huge female fan base of all ages. They are both relea ...


    The Worst Hair Trends of 2014

    img Posted September 5, 2014

    Following hair trends can often be a poor decision. No doubt you will look back on photos and cringe at that time you copied the haircut of Harry Styles of One Direction fame. Howe ...


    The Four Best Men’s Hairstyles for 2014

    img Posted April 18, 2014

    The biggest hairstyles of 2014 tend to be shorter on the sides and longer on the top, and perfectly groomed. Unless it?s to cover up greys, hair dye is to be avoided- blond tips ar ...


    The Worst-Ever Haircuts for Men

    img Posted August 16, 2013

    Haircuts can be contentious- opinions are divided on styles such as emo cuts, comb-overs and quiffs. But these shockers, I think we can all agree, should never adorn any man?s head ...


    Must-Read: Worst Hairstyles of All Time

    img Posted April 8, 2013

    We’ve all had those terrible days where we take a shower, start brushing our hair, and for whatever reason we cannot get things just right. We try and try as we can, standing ...


    Must-Read: Hairstyles for 2012

    img Posted January 9, 2012

    We are not the ones to give advice about haircuts. Our haircut generally goes in one of two directions: Getting it cut and then letting it fall where it may, or not getting it cut ...


    Grooming Tips for Men

    img Posted March 23, 2011

    It?s Not Just For Ladies Although women are more well-known for spending a lot of time on their personal appearance, most men want to look great, too. Although the average man?s da ...


    4 Questions About Hair Restoration for Men

    img Posted August 25, 2010

    As male hair loss is a common problem men begin to face as early as their twenties, we thought it would be a good idea to get an expert on the subject to talk about some of the opt ...


    How To Lose Your Hair

    img Posted August 19, 2010

    Tips To Get Rid Of It Hair is a good thing ? in the right places. But when you have too much of it, or when it?s in undesirable locations, that can be a problem. Let?s have a quick ...

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