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    Why You Should Be Prudent

    img Posted July 26, 2017

    It is advice that you will not hear often these days. We?especially the young?are encouraged to break all the rules, throw over convention, think outside of the box, do something n ...


    Why You Should Think Like Plato—Sometimes

    img Posted May 26, 2017

    The Greek philosopher Plato was a native of Athens. Born in 427 B.C.E, he was of distinguished aristocratic lineage on both his mother?s and father?s side. He came of age during a ...


    How To Avoid Becoming A Hipster

    img Posted February 4, 2016

    How To Avoid Becoming A Hipster No one wakes up on a given morning and decides to become a hipster. Taking on the attitudes, dress, and outlook of this sub-culture is not a conscio ...


    8 Predictions For 2016

    img Posted December 31, 2015

    8 Predictions For 2016 The best way to make predictions about the future is to look at the past: more specifically, to discern the direction of current trends. As a man of the worl ...


    4 Lessons For Success From Mayor Tom Kane

    img Posted March 20, 2015

    4 Lessons For Success From Mayor Tom Kane In the television series Boss, Kelsey Grammer plays the ruthless, tough-minded, Machiavellian mayor of Chicago, Tom Kane. Kane is single-m ...


    How To Master The Art Of Conversation

    img Posted March 4, 2015

    How To Master The Art Of Conversation The benefits of being a good conversationalist are not as appreciated as they should be. Persons who have the ability to engage, interest, and ...


    6 Tips You Need To Know To Help You Eat Healthier!

    img Posted February 14, 2015

    Health means so many different things to so many different people. We all have our own ideas of what health is to us. Many of this is rational, while a lot of the things we do is b ...


    Why You Should Consider Paying Cash For Your HealthCare

    img Posted January 16, 2015

    Why You Should Consider Paying Cash For Your HealthCare Here is something I found interesting and worth sharing. We are all led to assume that we should get the most out of our hea ...


    Building a Game-Changing Lifestyle

    img Posted July 28, 2010

    Time To Be A Better Man Many guys get so submersed in the intricacies of the game that they never take a step back to see the bigger picture. Essentially, you are out there marketi ...


    A Green Guide To Becoming A More Involved Pickup Artist

    img Posted March 16, 2009

    Why Should Pickup Artist’s Be Environmentally Friendly? In the community there are those that work to get more positive results with women, those that push to become better s ...

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