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    Must-Read: Highest Paying Jobs in America

    img Posted September 15, 2014

    Here’s the thing about money: It’s not going to buy you happiness. That’s the thing that we learned from The Beatles way back when. But here’s the problem w ...


    Must-Read: You’re Losing Money

    img Posted January 29, 2014

    Right now, as you’re sitting here reading this, you are most likely losing money. Well, not like someone is stealing your money by raiding your bank or going through your wal ...


    Must-Read: How Debt Can Mess Up Your Life

    img Posted December 2, 2013

    Money is a weird thing. You get a lot of it for doing certain things called “work.” But then, even if you don’t have enough of it to purchase the thing that you w ...


    Must-Read: Money Tips

    img Posted October 16, 2013

    There’s a lot of people out there who believe that money isn’t all that important. That money is simply a distraction, that you really need to be fulfilled in a way tha ...


    Must-Read: Be Better with Money

    img Posted September 18, 2013

    Here’s one of the biggest conundrums of life: You have, without a doubt, a limited amount of time on this planet. At some point, you will be gone. At that point, what youR ...


    Must-Read: Stop Wasting Money

    img Posted August 12, 2013

    Let your money work for you. That phrase is, for better or worse, the end-all, be-all of financial advice. Which certainly makes sense. If you have some money then you want to be a ...


    How Important is Money in a Relationship?

    img Posted July 18, 2013

    I liked what Alex Matlock wrote in his recent blog on?needing to be rich in order to have success with women. I agree that you don?t need piles of money to get laid?in fact, it?s q ...


    5 Simple Tips to Save a Few Hundred Dollars This Year

    img Posted November 13, 2012

    Everyone likes having more money around. I mean c?mon. More money means more freedom, less worry, more security, greater comfort, etc. Regardless of whether you?re a hobo, a stripp ...


    6 Bona Fide Ways to Spend Less Money

    img Posted June 20, 2012

    Dollar bills. Most of us wish we had more of them, yet most of us don?t do too much to grow our funds. I can assure you that almost all of the millionaires and billionaires you see ...


    Don’t Get Played By the Credit Card Companies

    img Posted June 1, 2012

    Tricks and loopholes that you need to know about Rules enacted as part of the recent Credit Card Act have made credit cards a little more customer friendly.? Caps on various fees, ...

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