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    Rad Nerdness: “Star Wars: Uncut”

    img Posted July 31, 2009

    A few years back, a couple of childhood friends made the Internet news rounds when they finished their extremely low-budget, shot-for-shot remake of “Raiders of the Lost Ark”, ...


    Milla Jovovich is the reigning queen of Ass Kick

    img Posted July 21, 2009

    In honor of the beast women fighting in the next UFC, this is the first part of my 12teen part *cough* until i get bored of this *cough* series on women who I want to have kick the ...


    Bruno Movie Review and Classic Bruno Clips

    img Posted July 11, 2009

    Review of Bruno I was skeptical going into Bruno. I always found the Bruno character the least amusing of Cohen’s 3 main characters Ali G, Borat, and Bruno… But I’ ...


    My Romantic Evening with Air Bud

    img Posted July 1, 2009

    Men brag. Since the dawn of spoken language, men have been broadcasting their sexual adventures to any listener within earshot. Starting in grade school, we men have constructed el ...


    The Hangover Movie Review

    img Posted June 3, 2009

    The Hangover Movie Review Last night, Mike Stoute and I attended the New York City premier of The Hangover. I’ve been a fan of director Todd Phillips since Road Trip, Old Sch ...


    Four Fashionable Movies to look out for

    img Posted June 2, 2009

    Movies have long been a staple in American fashion – at least for women. Now, with men taking their own personal style more seriously than ever before, it is the movie that h ...


    Clip Reel: Watching the Awful Comic Book Movies

    img Posted March 6, 2009

    All-Time Worst Comic Book Movies According to every news article in the world, ever, there’s some new movie coming out today called “Watchmen” that’s supp ...


    Who Watches the Watchmen Have Sex?

    img Posted February 19, 2009

    There are promotional items, and then there are promotional items. In order to get folks pumped up for the upcoming Watchmen comic-to-movie translation as if fanboys could get any ...


    How to Dress For The Different Types of Dates

    img Posted February 10, 2009

    A Date by Date Guide to Appropriate Outfits Below we go through appropriate outfits for the various types of dates you might find yourself in. While your own personal style will al ...


    The Greatest Movie on Pick Up Ever Made

    img Posted January 28, 2009

    Best Movies for Learning Game I used to recommend Swingers as the best movie to watch for some perspective on game. But now I’m starting to believe that honor goes to The Tao ...

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