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    Top 10 Summer Anthems

    img Posted June 11, 2009

    Perhaps the greatest thing about summer, besides the possibility of drinking in the sun at noon judgment-free, is the outdoor musical festival. You get several bands, Vitamin D, an ...


    Make The Girl Dance – Baby Baby Baby

    img Posted May 14, 2009

    I came across this video in my travels yesterday, needless to say TSBmag HQ has been rocking to french music since then. Maybe some of our french readers can let us know whats goin ...


    Cool Shit: Pandora Internet Radio

    img Posted May 8, 2009

    Imagine you had a personal radio station where you could tell someone a band name, song or music genre and then the DJ would spin music from bands sounded what you named until you ...


    The Week in Music Videos

    img Posted April 14, 2009

    Man Man – “Rabbit Habits” The Philly experimental vaudevillian rockers enlisted Fred Armisen for a mini horror flick—the evil Fred is turning ladies into wookies! But ear n ...


    Summer Music Festival Run-Down: Part 1

    img Posted April 7, 2009

    Who wants to spend their summer farting around on the couch all afternoon in their skivvies while shoveling down last night’s Chinese? Because eventually these rainy days wil ...


    East Village Radio, local…hip…and hopping!

    img Posted April 2, 2009

    The reason I like EVR was they had a very open and understanding attitude to whats going on in the music market. They are embracing the web and making it their strong point. You ca ...


    Neg The Target

    img Posted February 9, 2009

    PUA SONGS? Apparently some one has made a collection of pua songs… are these for real? Maybe it is some sort of learning device. I heard people learn things better if they ca ...


    Taylor Swift’s Rules of Dating

    img Posted December 11, 2008

    Newly single hot country singing teen Taylor Swift recently recounted a couple of her rules for dating.? Its funny that even a hot famous girl like Taylor still feels like the has ...


    Beardyman Beat Box

    img Posted November 20, 2008

    Beardyman rocks out by combining beat-box skills with some a cappella shizzle to create something worthy of the facial hair he so proudly touts. ...