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    When She Picks Up on Your Pick-Up Lines

    img Posted February 13, 2012

    You may have a clever pick-up line up your sleeve, but that doesn?t mean it?s foolproof. If it?s not an original line, you?re taking the chance that the woman you?ve used it on has ...


    “Use It or Lose It” Maxim Examined

    img Posted May 24, 2011

    Does ?Out of the Game? Mean Losing Your Edge with Women? The Familiar Dilemma I had a girlfriend. But I was in Vegas, without her. Beautiful girls swooped by me?to my left, to my r ...


    Must-Read: Picking Up Girls at Gym

    img Posted March 24, 2011

    So you’re sitting there, pumping away on the machine, when you spot the most attractive woman you’ve ever seen in your life running on the treadmill. You, obviously, ar ...


    Four Fatal Mistakes Guys Make With Women

    img Posted November 3, 2010

    And What To Do Instead Guys make all kinds of mistakes with women. Mistakes that lead to loneliness, desperation, porn addiction and mediocre relationships. If you are making any o ...


    The Taboo of Hope in Modern Dating

    img Posted November 2, 2010

    Hope Sinks The other day I was writing out a card to friends getting married, and I mistakenly penned, ?I hope you the best?? Even though I?m a cheap mofo and the glossy card cost ...


    How to Pick Up Women and Groceries at the Same Time

    img Posted October 18, 2010

    The Grocery Store Is A Fine Place To Meet Women I?ve never been a big fan of going out just to pick up women. This creates a feeling of pressure, and is very time-inefficient (and ...


    The Secret Art of Listening

    img Posted October 1, 2010

    Stop Only ?Hearing? Even if it was a few years ago, I can still remember the feeling. A girl?s in front of you. She?s hot. You pretend you?re chatting her?but no one?s chatting. Yo ...


    Have Respect for the Process, Fucker

    img Posted June 9, 2010

    It’s Not The Destination, Folks I found this quote by jazz legend Charlie Parker: Master the instrument, master the music, then forget all that shit and play. Any journey to ...


    Pick Up Girls the Old Fashioned Way: By Picking Up Girls

    img Posted October 13, 2009

    As the library of material related to picking up women expands, so does the collective creep factor of the men reading it. It’s a sad fact that the advice and literature, while h ...

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