Tucker Max’s Guide to Good Game

Tucker Max’s Guide to Good Game

Tucker MaxI discovered Tucker Max about a year ago when a reader called me a Tucker Max wannabee. That intrigued me as I had no idea or Tucker Max was. I was thankful this deuche bag took the time to write and critize me cause he introduced me to the writing of Tucker Max.

Tucker Max writes stories based on his life. Some of them are hilarious, some of them are just okay. He is a natural but on his webite he has a forum where he posted some advice for picking up women. I took the best of his advice and posted it here.

This is the best Tucker Max game information I found.

From the Tucker Max Forums

Tucker Max’s Guide to Closing the Deal

Tucker Max’s Guide to Mid Level Game

Tucker Max’s Guide to An Ex Making a Scene

Tucker Max’s Guide to Stealing a Girl from a Guy

Tucker Max’s Great Pua Prop

Word-For-Word Lines For
Getting Girls

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