Can Females Give Objective Advice on Meeting Women?

I recently got into what we’ll call a “friendly conversation” with guru David Wygant over in the comment section of a recent post on Eseduce. The difference of opinion got me thinking about what kind of role women can play in sites like TSB.

The gist of the conversation was me calling David too fluffy and PG for my taste, and saying that he caters to much to his female audience. While I may have been harsh in my “too fluffy” comment, I do think that David tends to stay on the politically correct side of the fence in order to appease his growing female audience. This is David’s style and it works for him. There are men and women out there that I’m sure are benefiting from his teachings.

Below is part of David’s response to my comment (you can read the full response at eseduce)

” I find these men only communities are just way to narrow, are all trying so hard to learn the magic secret of how to meet seduce and be the man with women.

But you only talk amongst yourselves. Read some of the postings from women..thats who you also want to learn from.”

This got me wondering if TSB would benefit positively or negatively from having more female contributors on the site. Over the years we have had quite a few women give honest open feedback that has been quite valuable. Our podcast with female bartender Nikki was one of our most popular… but then there is the other side of the arguement.. Below are just a couple samples of the endless comments I’ve gotten from women over the years:

“You are a terrible person and you suck at life”

” youre an idiot im a girlthis shit doesnt work .ps idiot.”

“That’s just fucking sad…. men are such pigs!”

“I think that this is a horrible website. It is teaching males to be manipulative and it is detestable! I am outraged as a female to see such a degrading website.”

And lets not forget the classic email I received from a girl I was dating who found this site.

Now I value all comments left on this site, even if they don’t agree with me. That is how we learn. And some women who don’t agree with the kind of stuff I write are intuitive enough to know that there is some truth behind it and are able to disagree with me and offer another point of view. These comments are truly always welcomed and appreciated.

But the question I am posing is; If I opened this site up to be more unisex do you think there are enough women out there who can be honest and objective when reading the kind of articles I publish? I accused Wygant of catering to his female audience… You guys should know me enough to know I am the furthest thing from being politically correct. I call it how I see it. I also write many stories about my misadventures with my female companions… These stories tend to be blunt and honest and don’t always fly so well with female readers… and I’m not willing to change.

We have a handful of regular female readers who are insightful and leave constructive feedback. Do you think they are the majority or minority when it comes to women reading this site? Do you think if I geared this site to both men and women we would be able to have open, honest communication? Or would it turn into constant bickering between the men and women? Would my site be filled with more comments like the ones listed above?

My main argument to Wygant was that men and women reading dating advice sites tend to be looking for different things. My opinion is that most women reading a dating site are looking for a relationship, and most men reading sites like TSB are looking to improve their overall game so that they can experience of vast array of women. How do you guys feel about that assessment? Am I wrong? Are you guys looking for immediate long term relationships? Are women really just looking to fuck a lot of guys?

I am curious as to your opinions on the various issues I’ve brought up.


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