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TSB’s Guide to College Fall Semester Rush Parties


How to Make the Most of Fall “Rush” Parties

college-rush-partyIf I had to list what I miss most about my college days, it would be fall rush.

For those of you unfamiliar with fall rush, let me explain.

Every semester, fraternities and sororities across the country have one goal; to recruit new members into their organization. The recruitment process, known as Rush, usually takes place the first month of each semester. The main method of recruitment is setting up rush parties, mixers, tailgates, sport outings, paint-balling, festivals, and other “get to know us” events.

Once rush formally ends, the fraternity brothers hand out bids to those interested. If you get one, you have the pleasure of pledging their fraternity. If you don’t get one, you don’t.

The pro and con argument of joining a frat is a topic for another day. Today I merely want to guide you through the wonderful world of rush parties.

What makes rush parties so great?

One answer: Freshman girls.

University of North TexasThe freedom that the freshman class experience their first month of college is exhilarating to them. For their entire lives these students have been ruled by the strict code of conduct their parents set out. And now they are finally free. And they get drunk on this power. Literally Drunk! Shit faced drunk!

Their is a small window of opportunity where these new college girls completely lose all of their inhibitions, forget about the consequences of their actions, and ignore the general rules against “appearing like a slut.” This window of opportunity is fall rush.

It is your job… no it is your duty, to be there to help them get the maximum amount of enjoyment out of these four or five weeks of “logical abandonment” as possible. In order to achieve this mission, you must go to each and every rush party, and show these girls a good time.

How to find the parties

Speak up for Sororities!When I suggest to guys during a phone coaching session to take advantage of rush parties to meet new people, they often ask how they go about finding out where these parties are. First, you need to find out if your college has a Greek system. If there is evidence of fraternities and sororities on campus, then there will be rush parties. These fraternities will usually paste fliers around campus promoting these events. Most organizations will even make a master calendar flier with the month long events. What you want to do is collect as many of these fliers as possible. Preferably, you want to collect the calendar fliers.

Once you have all of the fliers collected, go to the campus book store and by an over sized calendar. Now take these fliers and fill in each and every party throughout the month into the proper space on the calendar. Now you have a complete list of every party and mixer that will be going on during the month.

How to know which parties will be good

Generally on campus, there will be several tiers of fraternities. There will be the hard core party animals, the sports stars, the stoners, the wanna be hard core party guys, and the nerds. Any of the above will be acceptable to attend. The only rush parties that you are never to attend, are the business organizations. These parties will usually consist of root beer and pizza.

To get a better idea of which parties will be good, your best bet is ask around your dorm. For the purpose of this guide, I am going to assume you have no intention of pledging (at a later point I will write about the good bad and ugly of Greek life.) If your sole purpose of attending rush parties is to get drunk and get laid, then you want to go where the girls will be. Since most parties will take place on Tuesday and Thursday nights… on the days you need to keep your ears open for the buzz.

Organizing the night

As you should probably already know, if you’ve done your proper homework, you should be the one organizing the night out. Since you will already have a list of the parties throughout the month, you should have been scouting out the scene and determining which ones will be best. It is then your job to create the hype for an event, and get the word spreading that “everyone will be at Delta Chi tonight.” The fraternity and sororities usually provide rides to these parties. You want to gather as big a group as possible (preferably consisting of a 3-1 girl/guy ratio) and guide everyone to the same party.

Don’t drink the punch

When you get to the party, take over the job as Beer Meister. Beer Meister is the guy who stands by the keg and pumps it up for everyone, and fill their red cup. This will enable you to to casually mingle with everyone from the party as you fill their cup.

QuorumAs tempting as it may be to drink the punch… don’t. I’ve made the punch for frat parties. We used to fill our dirty ass bathtub with a mix of water, vodka, Everclear 100%, and Kool Aid. Trust me, two cups of this stuff and you’ll be passed out on the lawn out back. No, leave the punch for the girls!

Use your time filling up red cups to scout out potential girls you want to flirt with. You should also be flirting with the various girls that come to have their cup filled. Play around with them and tease them before you fill their beer. Most of them will assume you’re in the frat, and will look up to you.

Leach onto the coolest frat guy there

The frat guys have one job during these parties; to show you a good time in hopes that you will pledge. Most of them will try their hardest to corner you against a wall and talk you ear off about how great the frat is. Avoid these conversations at all cost (unless you are interested in joining.) Instead find the coolest frat guy in the room. He will be the guy mingling with the girls. This guy knows that the best way to show a freshman guy a good time.. is to help him get laid. This is the wingman you want.

Make use of the beer pong table

Once you’ve found a suitable wingman, engage in some beer pong. The freshman girls tend to love beer bong and will usually be found hovering around the table. Beer pong provides a great opportunity for some competitive flirting. Beer pong gives you open rights to talk trash to the girls you are playing against. The key is to use every beer pong game you play as an opportunity to display your personality. While you are playing, there will be a dozen or so girls standing around watching. All eyes will be on you, so use this time wisely.

While it is good to play a few games of beer pong… don’t make the mistake of wasting your whole night at the table. Once you have a suitable buzz… leave the table. If you play too many games, you’ll wind up a drunken mess with no shot of hooking up.

Isolate, Isolate, Isolate

Once you’ve established yourself as a fun cool guy, you need some alone time with the girl you are interested in. The best way to get alone time is to hang out near the bathroom. Once girls start drinking… they have to pee constantly.

This line for the bathroom will be the quietest place in the house. During this time, move in to general comfort building conversation. Don’t let the conversation trail off into “whats your major” type of interview mode, remember in college, it is all about creating that college experience for them.

After building some brief comfort… and peeing… head back to the party.

Kino Kino Kino

Now that you have properly built comfort, it is time to escalate kino. When you’re back in the main party area-up the flirting a bit. Do not feel shy about this. I repeat… do not feel shy about this. I can’t tell you how many girls I lost to other more aggressive guys… simply because I thought it was too soon to make a move. Like I said above, these freshman girls, especially the ones who’ve been drinking the punch, have completely lost all inhibitions.

It is your duty to show them a great time and give them the college experience. (Note* If a girl is way too drunk stay away. Not only will she most likely end up passing out or throwing up back at your place…. you also don’t want to compromise your morals for an easy lay.) Assuming she is only standard freshman college drunk… feel free to indulge!!!

As tempting as it is… avoid the McDonald’s run

When the party ends… there will invariably be calls for McDonald’s. As tempting as a Big Mac might sound, avoid going. It will just serve to sober everyone up and make them sleepy. Instead, suggest a continuation of the festivals back at your dorm room. This is why it is always important to have at least a twelve pack of beer hidden in your room at all cost. In college, the man with the beer is king.

Ideally you will get two or three people back to your room with you. A good situation would be you, a friend, and two girls. A better situation would be you and your girl. The best situation would be you and two bisexually curious girls.

Be aggressive… but not too aggressive

I’ve made it abundantly clear in this article that freshman girls are looking for the college experience. The college experience means translates to sex with random guys that they will probably forget by the end of the week.

This means that you are obliged to show them that experience. It may seem too easy. It is. Its like making a lay up. Don’t make it more complicated then it is by over analyzing it. Just do it.

That being said…. you never want to put yourself in a position where you can be accused of date rape or any thing of the like. If the girls says no… it means no. Sure, you can rise, wash, and repeat. But never force yourself on her, and if you can tell she is getting uncomfortable… cool off.


About Bobby Rio

I'm Bobby Rio, one of the founders of TSB. I tend to write about what is on my mind so you'll find a mix of self development, social dynamics and dating articles/experiences.  For a collection of some of my favorite articles check them out.

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  1. Aaron

    September 12, 2008 at 2:35 pm

    You should write an article about how to throw parties.

    • Bobby Rio

      September 12, 2008 at 4:25 pm

      Will do! I lived in a frat house during college and threw parties with 400+ people… so it one thing i can speak as an expert on lol!

  2. Honey

    September 12, 2008 at 2:53 pm

    As someone who was a sorority girl for 4 years at a party school, I have to say that I’ve never heard of a fraternity recruitment process remotely resembling this. Fraternity rush is a one-week process (either the first or second week of school, I think) with all the “parties” at the same time in the same general location (fraternity row, usually, with tents for the fraternities without houses on the lawns of those who do).

    The parties are dry, and although I suppose there might be some after-parties with alcohol, I can’t think of any because the brothers have meetings after each night to discuss and vote on the people they met.

    Additionally, while there are girls at fraternity rush parties (unlike sorority recruitment, which is *extremely* structured and *definitely* dry), their job is to talk to the losers that the fraternity brothers don’t intend to give bids to, as a way of boosting their confidence and making the party look busy but at the same time freeing up the brothers to talk to the cool guys.

    Make no mistake; every girl at the party knows that this is her job, and if you are talking to a girl then she knows it’s because the brothers don’t think you’re worth their time. Further, if you act inappropriately and a girl complains about you to a brother, then you WILL be thrown out of the party. Most of these girls are friends or girlfriends of the brothers.

    There are a limited number of freshmen girls who might not know how these things work, but if they are new members of a sorority then some older sister will certainly pull her aside and explain before the week ends. Plus, if she is a new member of a sorority then she is likely to be on her BEST behavior in order to impress her new sisters.

    I’ve definitely been to wild parties like the ones you describe here. It’s just not a single one was ever during recruitment week.

    • Bobby Rio

      September 12, 2008 at 4:23 pm

      i guess we went to different schools. lol

      As someone who was a fraternity guy for 5 years… and lived in a frat house for 3 years… these are the exact types of parties we had each fall/spring semester at my house!!!

      Rush lasted close to a month… sure the national sororities did not make it as open they were taking freshman girls to rush parties… but they did.

      • Honey

        September 12, 2008 at 4:41 pm

        Bobby Rio, It seems our schools were very different (I went to a large state institution, you?). I was in my sorority for all 4 years and lived in the house (we had a nice Greek Row) for 2 years…

        I guess the best advice is to find out how things work at your school, since you apparently can’t be guaranteed the type of experience you describe here. If there have been recent incidents involving alcohol on a campus lots of times there is a crack down, so it pays to know what’s going on and at least give the appearance of following the rules. It’s cool to have some drinks and kick back at a party…less cool to be on probation before you’ve even finished a semester.

        • Mike Stoute

          September 13, 2008 at 3:07 pm

          Big schools with nationals “on campus” are completely different. We didn’t even have dues, just pooled money for events and drinking…

          Underground is the way to go!

          Recent Words from Mike Stoute..The Anatomy of a Good Business Meeting

        • PeteTheFreshman

          September 13, 2008 at 3:38 pm

          It took me two years to get 30 credits

  3. Sebastian

    September 12, 2008 at 3:25 pm

    Thank you both Bobby and Honey.

    Some good useful info now that I’m in college and finally have decided to get ‘involved’ by moving near campus rather than just commute and chill with old friends in my own area which I had done for the first couple years.

    I’m looking forward to an article about reasons to join/not join a frat house. Though I’ve already made my mind up, extra info can never hurt. Knowledge is power. 🙂

    • Bobby Rio

      September 12, 2008 at 4:24 pm

      I will try to get that post up next week!

  4. bacchus

    December 3, 2008 at 1:20 pm

    I love fresh meat 🙂

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