How to “Be the Man” at a High School Dance

This post was requested by one of our readers and I thought since I haven’t written much about High School game since our How to Be Popular in High School series and follow up post, How to be the Coolest kid in your High School, that it would be an interesting topic.

1991 Sabina PaulThe subject matter may seem non essential for you guys out of high school… but no joke, at the age of 25 I got invited to the senior prom by this girl Tammy I was dating. I didn’t go. But I wanted to!

If your goal is to score some young high school tail after the dance, then you absolutely need to set the right mood for that to happen.  If you’ve already hooked up with your date in the past it is a no brainer that you’ll hook up again after the dance.  But if you’re yet to make a move on your date, and want to create the right enviroment for that to happen… read this post.

The first thing you need to do is make sure that you look and smell your absolute best.Girls idealize these events more than guys do, and will be expecting Prince Charming to show up at the door to pick them up.  Go the extra mile to look good.  If you need a hair cut, get one.  If you need a tan, get one.  Sprinkle your self with a drop or two of some good cologne.  If you’re too cheap to buy a bottle, go to the mall and get several free samples, ask several people their opinions, and then wear the most popular one.

Show up to the girls door with flowers.  I never recommend this for dates, but a high school dance it is expected.  Pick up something nice, even if the two of you have yet to have a romantic encounter.  This will open her eyes to the possibility.

When you first meet her, kiss her on the cheek and tell her she looks beautiful.  She has put a lot of effort into looking good, so acknowledge it, and let her drop her guard a little bit.  For the entire night, you need to be the perfect chivalrous gentleman.  This means opening doors and pulling out chairs. Other than this extra chivalrous behavior you will follow all other previous laws of creating attraction.

From the very first moments of the night you will have to establish a sexual/romantic vibe for the night.  You can do this by simply taking her hand and holding it as you walk.  Under the circumstances it will not seem weird to her.  Do not be nervous to immediately initiate kino.  The less nervous you appear doing it, the more accepting of it she will be.  Remember, you are the man, and are expected to lead the night.

Treat this night as you would any girl you were on a date with.  Even if it is not formally a date… treat it that way.  She will follow your lead.  This means keep the night fun and flirtatious through teasing, routines, and  cocky/funny banter.

It is necessary that you be social and interact with as many people as you can, all the while demonstrating higher value then your classmates.  Do not brag or belittle people… just be the most interesting guy in the room.

If you are a decent dancer, this will be your key to getting some high school nookie.Take your date on the100_13982 dance floor and seduce her sexually with increasing amounts of physical contact.  Unless she seems completely comfortable I would not attempt to kiss her on the dance floor.  She may be self conscious to make out in  public and you will inadvertently get yourself rejected by a girl who would have been dying for you to kiss her later.

As the night goes on, continue to escalate the kino. If done correctly by the end of the night she will be salivating at the mouth to be kissed.

Do not wait for the goodnight kiss.  Surprise her with a kiss when she least expects it.Maybe in the parking lot after the dance… or ask her to take a walk outside with you for some fresh air.  But do not wait for the goodnight kiss… it will be the perfect moment and you will have blown a perfectly good night.

Hope this helps you high schoolers out there!

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