Best Weekend Reading From Around the Web 11/9

"What Is His True Identity?"Its Saturday once again, which means it is time to do our weekly roundup of all the things I’ve found interested from a week of surfing the internet. Each week I take the best of what I come across, and pass it along to all of you. Enjoy!

Best Weekend Reading

In honor of an election week… read these 9 life lessons from Barak Obama. No matter how you feel about him… his campaign was amazing and could teach us a few principles of success.

I found this list of things a player never wants to hear. I think the most dreadful four words a player could possibly hear are “I missed my period.”

If you need some creative date ideas, David Wyngant lists several of them in his latest article about creating better dates.

Still curious about the female orgasm?  Here are 10 lessons about the female orgasm that are sure to make your sex life better.

I am a huge fan of side boobs… and nipple slips and see throughs.  Here are 60 side boobs photos you can’t miss.

For some inspirational reading, check out the Leonardo Divinci guide to being a Renaissance Man.

Feeling stressed?  Read this guide for stress relief.

Top 50 Motivational blogs.  Although I’m a little disappointed that TSB Magazine is not on the list.

TSB Week in Review

Claire Sebastian discussed the mystery and wonder of plugging a girl in the behind.

Josh Lew gives us four travel destinations for the adventurous.

Jill Summit gives a funny account of a woman looking for Mr. Right.

If you’re looking for some extra cash… check out these 3 ways to earn cash from home.

Kevin gives us 10 movies to watch before a date. Any other suggestions?

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