Best College Clubs For Mingling, Meeting Women, and Increasing Your Social Presence on Campus

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Best College Clubs For Mingling, Meeting Women, and Increasing Your Social Presence on Campus


By: Bobby Rio

What College Clubs to Join to Meet Girls

I’ve previously written an article about the pros and cons of joining a fraternity during your time on campus.? While I think that there is no better way to achieve an instant social scene than pledging a frat, I do realize that fraternities aren’t for everyone.

If you’re struggling to meet new people on campus then you’re probably in need of some social events to attend.? The fact is, there are more house parties, mixers, bar nights, and dorm room festivities than you could possibly imagine… but you need a way of finding out about these sorts of events.

Yes, on any given night there is a plethora of beer to be guzzled, beer pong to be played, and women to be had.? But you’re not going to get invited to join in the party if you’re sitting in your dorm room all day.

Many students make the mistake of believing that they will make friends in their classes.? This is very rarely true.? Even
on the occasions where you meet a group after class for a project, rarely the conversation will lead to a wild night out.? I think it’s because simply sharing a class together is not a strong enough bond to create a more powerful connection.

This is where clubs, sports, frats, and other organizations come in.? We’ve already talked about frats and the perfect campus job, so today I wanted to focus on clubs and organizations.? Playing a sport is also a healthy option- but unfortunately most of us aren’t athletically inclined enough to make the college roster.

Basically you need to look at your college experience as a buffet of opportunity- instead of all you can eat; it’s all you can do.

Any decent size university will have more clubs and organizations than you could conceive of.? On most campuses you’ll find:

  • Theater groups
  • Politics
  • Public services
  • Religion
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Leadership
  • Volunteerism
  • Student government
  • Radio Station
  • Rock Climbers
  • Role Playing Games
  • And just about anything you could imagine

Where to Begin?

This is not to say that all clubs are created equal.? And if you don’t have the slightest interest in a topic I would generally avoid hitting up the meetings.? For instance, if you are a devout atheist, the Young Christian Society would probably not be a great choice.
On the other hand, you do need to be willing to open up your mind and explore your passions a little bit.? Sometimes you have to get out of your comfort zone a little if you want experience real personal growth… and meet more interesting people.

The first things I would do would be to write down a list of everything that has ever interested you.? This list can include things as broad as “art” or “cooking” or as specific as “Roman Archeology.”

After you’ve compiled a list of all of your interest it’s time to list them in order of your level of excitement towards them.

Right now you should have a list of about 20 possible clubs that you could attend.? You are going to have to further classify them to avoid wasting time at a bunch of useless sausage fests.

The Critical Elements of a good club

Remember, the primary purpose of joining these clubs is to help you grow your social circle on campus.? This means that the clubs you choose need to fulfill certain parameters.

  • The club must be co-ed.
  • The club must contain more than 10 members
  • The club must meet weekly
  • The club’s topic must lend itself to further socializing (abortion right’s clubs or drunk driving prevention clubs won’t do)
  • The club must be something you can easily contribute value to.

The last point “the club must be something you can easily contribute value to” is only important if you are a fairly introverted or shy person.? This is because shy or introverted people tend to need to feel more confident about what they are discussing before adding value.? On the other hand, extroverted guys are more able to quickly adjust even when discussing topics they are unfamiliar with.? Remember, the goal of these meetings is to make friends.? If you quietly sit in the corner you will only be wasting your time.

Which Clubs Offer the Best Selection of Women?

I’m sure part of your reason for wanting to join an organization is for the opportunity to interact with more women.

Pretty much most clubs will offer up some variety of women.? But certain clubs lend themselves to more attractive women than others.

Here is a list of the clubs that attracted the higher quality women back when I was on campus:

  • Political (especially Democratic)
  • Leadership and student government
  • Theater
  • Volunteering

Those four always tend to invite more attractive girls.? For some reason the clubs that we are generally drawn to, like music, art, film, and television tend to attract the misfits and whack jobs.? If you’re into those kinds of girls you’ll have a blast… but if not, I would start out with one of the four clubs listed above.

It all comes down to you

Although this article is meant as a guide to help you get started in the right direction, ultimately it will come down to you checking out various clubs and seeing which ones you connect with the best.

Here is where you will need to exercise some discipline.? I know it will be easy to talk yourself out of attending the club at the last minute.? You’ll find every excuse in the book (too busy, it’s raining, you’re tired, Simpson rerun, whatever) but the trick is force yourself to go.? You cannot change your current situation if you are unwilling to step outside of your comfort zone.

It is always important to test out several clubs.? Do not settle on the first club you attend.? And there is no rule saying you can’t be a member of a handful of clubs.? The more clubs you’re a member of, the more impressive your social resume becomes.